Upcoming Events

Since we always mention so many exciting things to attend during our regular meetings, we thought we could give you a place where you can track down the information about that cool thing you wanted to go to. Here are some things coming up:

Busch Gardens Trip (Friday, 9/26, 4 p.m.): Come ride some rides with your favorite tree-huggers when W&M takes over Busch Gardens! Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased at the Sadler Info Desk or the Candy Counter. Shuttles start running at 2 in the W&M Hall parking lot, and we’ll be meeting there at 4 to all go over together! Contact Ian Huber (ishuber@email.wm.edu) with any questions!

Tabling Soccer Game (Saturday and Sunday, 9/27 and 9/28, 7 p.m.): To raise awareness of our club (what whaat!), we’re going to be tabling at the waste-free soccer game! To sign up for volunteer shifts (especially for Sunday!), click HERE

Surry Trip (Sunday, 9/28, noon): SEAC’s going to Surry! Contact Shane Grzegorczyk (sdgrzegorczyk@email.wm.edu) with any questions. If you plan on attending, please bring some gas money to reimburse your driver!

The Cove Screening (Wednesday, Oct. 8th, Commonwealth): Partner screening with Students for Animals. Learn about the horribly inhumane capture of dolphins, followed by a discussion of how we can take action to put an end to these kinds of situations.

Dam Nation Screening (Thursday, Oct. 9th, Tucker Theater): Come check out this awesome movie about the effects of damming in America! Also, meet the creators of the film! (woah, crazy awesome!)

SEAC Camping Trip (TBA): If you hadn’t gathered, we sort of have a thing for nature, so we’re going camping! Come to Big SEAC on Monday, 9/29, to join the discussion about a date and location!