Upcoming Events

Since we always mention so many exciting things to attend during our regular meetings, we thought we could give you a place where you can track down the information about that cool thing you wanted to go to. Here are some things coming up:

SEAC Meetings: Every Monday night, 8:30pm in Blair 205! Come join the fun!

Facilitator office hours: Monday 8pm, Blair 205


April 4-5: Virginia Student Environmental Coalition (VSEC) conference in Richmond

April 7th: Big SEAC meeting (8:30pm)

April 13th: SEAC RETREAT at the Keck Lab (morning/afternoon)

April 14th: Big SEAC meeting (8:30pm)

April 18th: SEAC camping

April 14-19: EARTH WEEK(theme: the five senses)

ALSO, check out what campus dining is doing to support Earth Week!