Upcoming Events

Since we always mention so many exciting things to attend during our regular meetings, we thought we could give you a place where you can track down the information about that cool thing you wanted to go to. Here are some things coming up:

Screening of Dam Nation: 9/10/14, Wednesday, 7-10 p.m., Small 230 – Check out this documentary to learn about the dams that span the United States and the environmental problems they pose.

[AMP] Movie at Matoaka – Chimpanzee: 9/13/14, Saturday, Lake Matoaka Ampitheater – Go see this cool Disney Nature documentary about our closest animal relatives and enjoy a night under the stars!

People’s Climate March: 9/21/14, Sunday, NYC – Join your SEAC buddies in attending the largest climate march in history!!! Contact Anne Davis at akdavis02@email.wm.edu and check out peoplesclimate.org for more information, and fill out this interest form if you might come along!