Earth Day 2009

The Food Sustainability campaign is using this Earth Day to raise awareness on the interconnectedness of our food systems. We believe that in order achieve true food sustainability we must appreciate the many ways in which the production, transport, and consumption of our food affects such issues as social justice, energy efficiency, and health/nutrition concerns. In the spirit of interrelation, the Food Sustainability campaign recognizes the importance of identifying like-mined efforts to promote food sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 2009 Earth Day events, inclusive of activities put on by both Food Sustainability and its identified allies.

This 2009 Earth Day is occurring on Wednesday, April 22nd. While the majority of celebrations are occurring the following Saturday (April 24th), sponsored by SEAC and AMP, make sure to check out the great events happening both before and after then! Also, don’t miss opportunities for free food and networking opportunities at the Food Sustainability table in the Crim Dell Meadow on the 24th!

2009 Earth Day and Related Activities Schedule

Saturday, April 4
Crim Dell Meadow, 9:00 AM -12:00 noon. Campus Cleanup Day!

Wednesday, April 22
6:00 PM– Swem Read and Relax Area. Fight the Power! Swem Unplugged. Aucoustic Music concert to raise awareness about energy conservation on campus.

Friday, April 24
3:30 — Judah Schiller (Keynote Speaker)

Saturday, April 25
Location: Crim Dell Meadow
2:00-2:45– Yoga and Chai, hosted by WM Rec Center
Tablers/vendors/farmers start setting up
Acoustic music begins on Homebrewaroo stage

3:00– Speaker: Annie White
4:30– Homebrewaroo begins. Schedule of bands includes Ultraviolet Ballet and Rock River Gypsies.
Dark– Tablers break down

April 14-May 31
Art Meets Science, a Poetry and Photography Exhibit in Geology Library.