A variety of prompts were answered during the Go-Around: “What’s your favorite part of the winter holidays?”, “And I ask myself: Well, how did I get here?”, and “Conan! What is best in life?”

  • Members travelled by bike and speed-walk, generally enjoy holiday cheer/smells, pumpkin bagels, spending time with family, fighting for trees


  • Last week’s meeting- Ian had slides filled with “dank memes”, suggests googling the name of any campaign “+ funny”

o   Discussed how to improve SEAC Retreat- spread more info, make it shorter

  • Energy Justice- solar panel project for the Rec is going well, looks viable and set for completion Summer 2016
  • ESLI- kids planted seeds in Solo cups, made t-shirt tote bags, ESLI went to the farmer’s market

o   Last club meeting is this Thursday, last after-school meeting with the kids next Thursday

  • Gardening- got an extension so COS will not destroy it, looking for new leadership (talk to Ben)

o   Garden Corps meeting this Wednesday 8PM @ Matt’s house 508, S Boundary

  • SOLO Cup Recycling- didn’t collect last weekend, still thrilled about their new recycling bin

o   last collection this weekend!

  • Restoration- will be wrapping up for the semester and completing letter to Reveley
  • TBTT- gave 50 water bottles new homes during tabling on the terrace, had bowling and jellybeans, obtained more signatures for petition!

Events & Announcements:

  • BLOWOUT- continuing the tradition of watching Captain Planet in the SEAC Office on Friday at 3PM

o   bring food, come hang out with friends

  • Campus Parks Research Presentation- Dec 1, 2015 in the Ford Classroom in the Swem Media Center from 3:30-6:30, RSVP on Facebook
  • SchoolHouse Block Presents: The Hunger Luncheon Dec 1 6-8PM

o   Join SchoolHouse Block on December 1 from 6:00-8:00PM in Tidewater B for a transformational dining experience! As the holiday season approaches, we encourage you to think critically about how food insecurity and malnutrition can serve as barriers to educational attainment and individual growth. The event will feature speakers from USAID Bureau of Food Security, the Virginia Peninsula Food Bank, and the College of William and Mary.

o   The Hunger Luncheon is free, but we will have a full buffet from Nawab that will cost $8 for students and $10 for community members. All proceeds go towards the construction of a gender-inclusive, solar-powered school in Nepal!

  • Conferences- apply for funding by Dec 2
  • Meridian is having a clothing swap at 7pn on Dec 3
  • SEAC Space is going to plan a few fun de-stressing activities for finals
  • The Mid-Year Student Organization & Activities Fair will take place on Tuesday, January 19th from 6:30pm-8:30pm in the Sadler Center

SEAC Minutes 11/23/15

Hello everyone! Today we had record attendance of four people plus Ian facilitating in place of Abby and Ben (who, unfortunately were both sick)…But Ian’s slides were amazing (try googling: funny + *insert name of each campaign*). We also watched some fun YouTube videos…Here are the rest of the minutes:
GO AROUND: what is a food you really like but would go terribly with Thanksgiving dinner?

  • jelly beans, sushi, curry, rainbow sherbet, tacos
REPORT BACKS (didn’t have all of them represented…)
  • ESLI- made t-shirt tote bags, planted seeds, and decorated posters with the kids at Matthew Whaley; also walked around at the Farmer’s Market
  • Recycling- had America Recycles Day!
  • Restoration- finished letter to Reveley, Richie made a map of all the plants in the Crim Dell, Randy Chambers got green fee for de-nitrifying substrate
  • Solo Cup Recycling- made a flyer to tell people in Williamsburg about what they can and can’t recycle
  • SEAC Retreat- also was a pretty low turnout out…we will probably redesign/reschedule/reorganize next semester.  The people who were there learned about birds, calendar gift bags, sustainable systems, AND a new idea for combining guac and chips *see attached picture* 

We also talked about…Tips for a Sustainable Thanksgiving!

  • carpool home
  • take time away from electronics while spending time with the family
  • use reusable dishes instead of single-use plates, utensils etc.
  • save all your leftover food
  • consider reducing or cutting out meat
Campus Parks Fall 2015 Research Symposium
December 1, 2015 from 3:30pm – 4:50pm – Swem Media Center, Ford Classroom
Please join the ENSP 249: Campus Parks Research class as we present the results of our semester research project examining the effectiveness of ecotherapy on the W&M campus. Food and beverages will be provided.
Please RSVP at:

Presidential Internship Program at The American University in Cairo
Opportunity for recent university graduates to spend an academic year working at the highest levels of an international university, learn Arabic, and experience life in Egypt.


Climate Countdownnew web series on climate policy and COP21
This is a resource to learn more about the negotiations that will be going on in Paris this December.  Here are some links about COP21,INDCs,implementation, carbon pricing, and China. There is also a screening of Climate Countdown with expert panel discussions on Nov 15th at Columbia University. Here are the event details and livestream.

SEAC Minutes 11/16

SEAC Retreat is this Sunday, October 22, 9AM-3PM in the Keck Lab! We will be:

  • presenting on topics you like to your friends (like TED Talks but way cooler)

o   Already scheduled: IAN on ecology & environmentalism in the Himalayans, JESSE with reusable calendar gift bags, ABBY on The Beatles, BEN on multifunctional landscapes, LYDIA on origami, SYDNEY on Intro ENSP, BENNETT leading a litter pickup, GRAHAM on candles (jk- but it will be lit)

  • sharing & eating food, Bird Walk, helping with the gazebo

o   Volunteered so far: guacamole, chips, blueberry muffins, mac & cheese, vegan-GF friendly casserole, gummies

The Go Around: Pulp Preferences

  • Very strong opinions, pulp is evidently polarizing

Report Backs:

  • Energy Justice- got stickers, Megan Embrey is leading the making of a documentary on student opinions of energy, planned for next semester (incl. research proposal). Sundays at 7PM
  • ESLI- planned for kids to plant seeds (needs containers!) and bringing the Tribe farm truck
  • Food Justice- intending to join with Food Recovery Network to donate extra food from dining halls to people in need
  • Gardening- dug post holes, went to Waller Mill Park garden to help the Avalon Shelter, mounded mounds of soil, planning to work with COS to work on multi-use spaces with plants, have a big meeting this week about permaculture garden, installing gazebo floor on Sunday
  • Recycling- washed cool jars found on trash pickups to plant plants in on America Recycles Day, got money for America Recycles Day, Rose went to the COS working group on recycling to make campus-wide plans
  • Restoration- worked on letter to Reveley, made bamboo cups with sealant (so can hold liquid!), wrote thank-you notes to plant donors
  • Solo Cup Recycling- all vols came, no cups to be gathered
  • Take Back the Tap- cleaning lost water bottles to give out for free during tabling, visit them on the terrace for gamez, petition signing
  • Litter Pick-Up Crew reached 164lbs!


  • America Recycles Day this Saturday in the Sunken Gardens! Music, food, recycling, crafts, fun, good things
  • SEAC Office door has been fixed, campaign meetings will resume there
  • Flooring the Gazebo on Sunday, part of SEAC retreat but also starting at 10
  • SEAC Retreat on Sunday!  9AM-3PM in the Keck Lab

Natalie Hurd is bringing back SEAC Space- dedicated weekly time/area to decompress with your environmentalist friends. Talk to her if you’re interested in helping get this started back up.

Remember to join our Facebook group:

 Submit announcements for meetings/minutes here:

 Google Calendar is here:

SEAC Minutes 11/9

Go Around the World and Share Your Favorite Land Mass

  • Pangea, Randy Chambers’ Floating Wetland of the Crim Dell, National Parks, New River Gorge, the Blue Ridge Mountains
Report Backs:
  • Sustainability Summit 2K15- Natalie & Josh presented about Take Back the Tap, keynote speaker was a marine biologist, learned about river walks
  • Energy Justice- met with the VP and Director of Sustainability to talk about getting solar on campus. Set a goal to get 200 more signatures for their petition and have more 1:1 meetings.
  • ESLI- taught kids about where food comes from through a game
  • Gardening- helped out at the Grove community garden. Dinner & poster making at Matt’s house at 5PM on Sunday (504 S Boundary St, will coordinate rides)
  • Recycling- planning for America Recycles Day Nov 22, meeting Swem 168 if the SEAC office door problem is not resolved
  • Restoration- planted all the plants! Have a working draft of a letter to Reveley to get donation funds for restoration.
  • Solo Cup Recycling- new recycling bin was a success! Finished in under an hour, despite SEAC door hardships!
  • Take Back the Tap- presented at the Sustainability Summit. Presented their video at both the summit and our meeting​
  • Litter Pick-up- hit 117lbs, the weight of a human being! Recovered glass from Matoaka, going to use at America Recycles Day
  • Still looking for someone to represent SEAC on the Earth Week Team, talk to Abby
  • America Recycles Day on Saturday November 21, 1-4PM
  • SEAC Office door is not working, so meetings are being relocated but the problem is being fixed so no worries!
  • Taking submissions for No Title Needed- members who do a lot of good things for us without a special title
  • There are 2 farmers in Surry County who are looking for help with gardening and livestock initiatives, talk to Ben and stay tuned for a presentation in the future
  • Campus Parks Research study- needs more people! Only 30 minutes, 3:30 tomorrow/ Tuesday. Talk to Natalie or Julia!

SEAC Minutes 10/19/15

Remember to join our Facebook group: 

Google Calendar is here (we will be tweaking it throughout the semester):
Go Around: What do you miss most about Ben?
  • Facial hair & Flannel & Facilitating
  • Knowledge of and passion for plant life
  • Way of saying “Uhhhhh”, “calming voice”
  • Informed Interjections
  • New members concur that he sounds knowledgable and worthy of being missed
  • Energy Justice- launch event on Oct 30 (see below), tabling this Friday and next week on the Terrace
  • ESLI- volunteered with the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market, teaching kiddos at Matthew Whaley about Trees on Thursday
  • Food Justice- working on the Local Week of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness, working to distribute information to students
  • Recycling- go to the Free Market 5-7 Tues/Thurs
  • Restoration- had a workday last weekend totaling 75 volunteer hours, received native plants that need planting (blueberry, sugar maples). Check out their work through the Crim Dell!
  • Solo Cup Recycling- had an ant crisis and had to throw away all cups, needs volunteers to get more cups at 1PM on Sunday, working with Williamsburg recycling to recycle cups easier and educate off-campus students on recycling
  • Take Back the Tap- great success with their petition, needs more (See link below). Complete their survey (see link on Facebook). Speaking at the Sustainability Summit on November 7 at the Mason School of Business.
  • Going to have more article discussions
  • Committee on Sustainability wants a SEAC representative to work on the planning committee for Earth Week- talk to Anne Davis or Abby Holcombe
  • We are going to discuss on Facebook signing the Oil Export Ban Letter as an organization
  • Coalition with other social justice groups is happening tonight
  • Campus Parks Research lab is doing their study on Sunday Nov 8- contact Natalie S.
Upcoming Events:
The League of Conservation Voters is having a canvassing event next Saturday, October 24 at 12PM, launching from the Green Leafe, to get environmentalist endorsed legislators elected here in VA! Contact Megan Chaplin (, 703-409-9520) if you are able to help.
Sunday 11AM Trash Pick-up’s - more info from Bennet and Jacob, see Facebook
Solo Cup Recycling needs volunteers for Sunday at 1PM.
The Seize the Grid Launch Event is Friday Oct. 30th on Crim Dell Meadow from 3-5pm! Come out for music, food, pumpkins, and learn all about the energy landscape and what we’re doing. Contact Anne Davis with questions.
SEAC Dinners Mondays at 6:30 at Sadler!

SEAC Minutes 9/28/15

Hello everyone! Here are this week’s minutes:

Remember to join our Facebook group:

 Submit announcements for meetings/minutes here:

 Google Calendar is here (this link might actually work – sorry if the other didn’t):

 Go Around: Name, year, favorite band or artist

The Last Bison, John Denver, Florence and the Machine, Hosier…

Report Backs

RECYCLING: talked about ideas for crafts and other aspects of America Recycle’s Day

FOOD JUSTICE: in process of contacting super markets about reducing food waste

GARDENING: work day at Waller Mill garden is rescheduled for this Sunday – meet 10 am on the terrace; still looking for someone who wants to build cold frames

ESLI: did cereal box folders with kids at Matthew Whaley, they had fun and were enthusiastic about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

ENERGY JUSTICE: talked about launch event – October 17th 3-6 on Crim Dell meadow, looking into music and tshirts – let Abby know if you know of good local options for shirts

SOLO CUP Recycling: had a collection Sunday – got cups from two fraternities, still working on going to chapter meetings and talking to city of Williamsburg. There is a spread sheet with signups on the Facebook page!

TAKE BACK THE TAP: working on Green Fees; planning 2 events: 1) tabling with after fall break and 2) a raffle of water bottles that have been lost – maybe at America’s Recycles Day. Reminder: ask people to take lost water bottles to Sadler so they aren’t thrown out

RESTORATION: working in groups, met with Courtney Langley about Virginia Native Plants and Randy Chambers who had ideas about nitrogen eating microbes; tentative workday October 18

Inreach Updates

  • Clue Week this week!!! Talk to Graham if you have questions
    • Revelation is moved to Saturday at 8 pm at Matoaka
  • There will hopefully be a group going to Busch Gardens Day
  • Canoeing on Lake Matoaka will be happening later this month
  • People will be working on Homecoming Float (let Abby know if you’re interested)

Outreach and Other Updates

  • Young Dems mixer at 10 this Friday at Lizzie and Abby’s house
  • Still working on SA co-sponsorship for events
  • Everyone should get CORT trained!! Here’s the CORT Training Schedule: Monday: 10am-1pm, Tuesday: 2-4pm, Wednesday: 10am-1pm, Thursday: 2-5pm, Friday: 10am-1pm, 2-4pm
  • Jordan will present next week about Permeable Concrete

Announcements and Upcoming Events:

Bike Alliance trip to Amy’s Organic Farm: meet at 10:30 a.m. October 4th, signup on the Facebook event, talk to Erin if you don’t have a bike and a helmet

Catching the Sun Movie- Wednesday 5PM Sep 30 Tucker Theater with COS, BikeAlliance, SEAC, and TAP

Green Fee Proposals due Oct. 1 by 5 p.m.

COS Operations Subcommittee Meeting: Wednesday September 30 @ 9 a.m.

Farm to Fork- eat local food in the Sunken Gardens on October 2 with everyone you love, buy tickets ASAP at the dining hall

Bike Alliance needs volunteers for Oct 20-26 bicyclist and pedestrian survey

Meatless Mondays:

SI Eliminate is working to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus: pie eating contest tomorrow at 7 in Blair – talk to Hailey if interested in a raffle ticket

Submit a Blog Post to Hark Upon the Green! Did you have a summer job working in the outdoors? A campus sustainability niche you’d like to showcase? An event you think the sustainability community should know about? Submit a blog post to Hark upon the Green, the Committee on Sustainability’s blog! Email Madeleine ( with any questions or submissions, and check out the blog here:

To all fans of upcycling, crafting, and SEAC- This Wednesday, the informal crafting campaign will be meeting at 8PM in Swem room 134C. Erin Goodstein is going to teach everyone how to crochet beautiful t-shirt rugs that we can sell to raise money for SEAC! We need crafters of any experience level along with A TON of t-shirts. PLEASE bring old t-shirts to Megan (, 703-409-9520) and Erin ( so you can contribute to this effort!

Join the Virginia Clean Power Plan hearing in Portsmouth on October 6th! – See more information and RSVP at:

SEAC Minutes 9/14/15

Hiya tree-hugging friends. Here are tonight’s minutes

Remember to join our Facebook group:

Submit announcements for meetings/minutes here:

Google Calendar is here (we will be tweaking it throughout the semester):

The Go Around: your favorite celebrity

  • Snoop Dog, Boo the Dog
  • John Muir
  • Emma Watson x3


  • Restoration- project brainstormed & formed groups
  • Gardening- planted radishes, greens, and broccoli, pulled grass up
    • Looking for someone to help build cold frames and someone to help finish building the gazebo and someone to plan the plant sale
    • Sunday 7PM: Tour of edible plants around the Sunken Garden, starting at Blow Hall
    • Every Wed 5-7pm and Sun 3-5pm
  • Energy Justice-tabled, talked about goals, decided to make a student documentary
    • Needs people to interview in the video (esp outsiders to SEAC)
  • Take Back the Tap-going to start collecting/finding new homes for lost water bottles, brainstormed music video, send them love on social media
    • Tues 5PM SEAC Office- Green Fees work session with pizza
    • Needs help with water bottle refill station Google doc- talk to Josh or Natalie
  • Food Justice- set goals for semester, including concrete actions for food waste and food insecurity in the community, wants to coordinate with Gardening, Campus Kitchens
  • Recycling- organized the Free MarSolo Cup Recycling is starting back up,
    • Next Tuesday is the Grand Opening of the Free Market (open on Tues Thurs 5-7)
    • Donate goods at the bin in Sadler by the info desk
  • ESLI- going to Matthew Whaley 2x / month, planned out which topics/activities the kiddos will be treated to (nature walks, food,
    • This Thursday 1st meeting- 6:30 in SEAC Office, next Thursday is the first school visit
    • Needs cereal boxes to use for crafts for kids, bring them to the next meeting
    • Email Talia if you want to be on the listserv at

We voted on which clubs to have mixers with:

  • Young Dems- early October
  • AEPi- possibly with VOX and Lambda
  • Phi Sigma Pi (Honor Fraternity)- late October?

Oaks and Acorns are due WEDNESDAY! Clue Week begins Sep 28. Revelation on Oct 2. Sign up here- we especially need Oaks:

Check Facebook for a poll on our new logo, thanks to Jacob Herin

This week’s article discussion led by Nick Newberry: Nature & Mental Health

How we practice mindfulness & enjoy nature on campus:

  • Crim Dell Walks
  • Walks to class w/o phones
  • Sunsets at Matoaka
  • Boat House kayaking, Saturdays 2-5
  • Park’s Research Lab shares cool green spaces on their Facebook page, map going live in a few weeks (learn more from Hannah Cannon)
  • Tribe Strides walking club- Tues/Wed
  • Bike Alliance group rides- Wed 5:15 from the Terrace
  • Tribe Adventure Program & Outdoors Club
  • Birding Club- 2 walks a week on campus
  • Running Club- everyday at 4 outside Barrett, learn about cool trails
  • SEAC Gardening club
  • Greenhouse on top of Millington
  • SEAC trash pick-up’s
  • Pocket Points- gives you $ rewards for local restaurants for not using your phone

Ongoing Announcements:

Meatless Mondays start next week

Bike Alliance seeks Student Marketer: Are you interested in sustainability AND marketing/communications? The Bike Alliance is looking for you! We are a group that advocates for a cycling culture at W&M. We envision a future where cycling is a safe, fun, convenient and widespread form of transportation and recreation at W&M. The student marketing director would run our Facebook page, keep the events calendar updated, secure creative design, and other tasks outlined in the attached doc. If interested, email Gabriel Morey ( and Erin Goodstein ( with a short paragraph on why you want to join!

Help Make Williamsburg Bike Accessible! The Bike Alliance is teaming up with StudentImpact and The Historic Triangle Bicycle Advisory Committee to do a bike traffic volume count between October 20-22. We need all the help we can get! Sign up at: Please direct questions to Erin Goodstein ( and Gabriel Morey (

Williamsburg International Food & Arts Festival:  September 19th, 11am – 7pm @ the School of Education

Arie is doing this as part of Literacy for Life and she wants volunteers to help with composting and recycling…you’ll get food and a tshirt! her email is

Help out on a farm about 30 minutes away from campus. They have goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, cats, and a bunch of other animals.The work load isn’t very hard – mostly feeding animals, doing odd jobs, and cleaning up the barn. Even if you aren’t big into mucking out stalls, just playing with the animals can be loads of fun! There will be a poppin’ mini van going over there on Saturdays from 11am-4pm. Email Hope Wright at if you’re interested!

W&M in DC: Ever considered studying and interning in DC through W&M’s Washington Office? You can get credits and one of many environmentally-friendly internships with the support and networking pluses of the DC Office. Our capital is the center of it all for advocacy groups and federal environmental legislation/regulation, so this is a great way to get a great internship experience and enhance your perspective.

DC program schedules and logistical information are included in attachments, but you can also email Josh Aurand ( and Bel Kelly-Russo ( to talk to us about our experience in DC interning at the Dept of Justice, Environment and Natural Resource Division!

Go to Shalom Farms with Branch Out- Anne Davis is leading a trip to help provide food to underserved populations, talk to her!

SEAC Minutes 9/7/15

Hello everyone! Here are this week’s minutes:

Remember to join our Facebook group:

Submit announcements for meetings/minutes here:

Google Calendar is here (we will be tweaking it throughout the semester):

The Go Around:  Name, Year, Favorite TV show

Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Rec, West Wing, Bones, The X-files…and many more

Report Backs

Take Back the Tap: Thursdays at 5 in the SEAC Office

had lots of new people and ideas about encouraging people to carry reusable bottles, thinking about a petition to RAs to get refilling stations in dorms, working on inventory of water fountains and filling stations in all buildings, ideas about where we could have water stations…outdoors? other indoor locations? mobile stations/coolers for sports and other events

Eco-Schools Leadership Initiative: First meeting this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the SEAC Office

Will be going to Matthew Whaley Elementary after school program once a month to do fun interactive games and teach kids about environmental topics. We are also accepting people for the leadership core team. If you want to join the listserv or learn more,

Energy Justice: Sundays 7PM in the SEAC Office Talked about Seize the Grid: grassroots campaign to have 100% clean energy by 2030, focus on solar panels for the rec in the short term, ideas for marketing: haiku about energy justice…haiku contest?? talked about intersectionality (ex: environmental issues have more impact on minority groups…this is important for us all to consider), launch will be Oct. 14, tabling this Wednesday – Friday 11-1:30 on the terrace, Sign the online petition and/or come by the terrace!


Recycling: NEW TIME Wednesdays 6:30 PM SEAC Office

this week was mostly info and overview, talked about focusing on education this semester…people are confused about recycling (it’s single stream etc), getting Free Market going soon, will be advertising lots
Gardening: Wednesdays 5-7PM and Sundays 3-5PM behind the Caf
Planning meeting: hoping to finish gazebo, perennial forest garden, standard winter annual crops, plant propagation and how to take cuttings and make new plants

GardenCorp hasn’t figured out best time to meet yet…


Restoration: this week Tuesday at 8:30 Sadler couches by swipe line, Friday on site at Crim Dell
Talked about what people want to do, lots of excitement, more help will be needed soon

email Nick Newberry @ if you want to learn more

Solo Cup Recycling: collections from fraternities will be on Sundays!
There was a sign up sheet at the meeting; email Kara Newman at if you want to learn more.

Food Justice – did not meet…email if you’re interested


In-reach Updates

  • Earth hour was successful with lots of people and fun!
  • We’re having a party this Saturday 9/12 @ 809 Lafayette: meet at 10:15 on terrace, party starts at 10:30, we won’t have solo cups so if possible bring SEAC mug (label it with your name/tie a ribbon on it), don’t bring everyone you know but a pal is okay
  • SEAC Dinners start this week!!: Tuesday 6 pm Marketplace, bring your own plates and utensils if you can
  • Oaks and Acorns sign-up NOW (make sure you are signed into your w&m email) = big/returningSEAC member, Acorns = littles…oaks might do clue week, but if you don’t want that, that’s okay)


Williamsburg International Food & Arts Festival:  September 19th, 11am – 7pm @ the School of Education
Arie is doing this as part of Literacy for Life and she wants volunteers to help with composting and recycling…you’ll get food and a tshirt! her email is

The Office of Sustainability wants to know what you would like to see happen in sustainability, invites you to learn more about this coming year, and wants you to get involved! Open to all faculty, staff, and students. Sept 9, 4-5pm, Small Hall 111.

Hi folks! There is a top notch farm about 30 minutes away from campus that is looking for general helpers! They have goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, cats, and a bunch of other animals.The work load isn’t very hard – mostly feeding animals, doing odd jobs, and cleaning up the barn. Even if you aren’t big into mucking out stalls, just playing with the animals can be loads of fun! There will be a poppin’ mini van going over there on Saturdays from 11am-4pm. Email Hope Wright at if you’re interested!
Ever considered studying and interning in DC through W&M’s Washington Office? You can get credits and one of many environmentally-friendly internships with the support and networking pluses of the DC Office. Our capital is the center of it all for advocacy groups and federal environmental legislation/regulation, so this is a great way to get a great internship experience and enhance your perspective. DC program schedules and logistical information are included in attachments, but you can also email Josh Aurand ( and Bel Kelly-Russo ( to talk to us about our experience in DC interning at the Dept of Justice, Environment and Natural Resource Division!

Elise Orlick, a recent W&M graduate, is recruiting for the Public Interest Research Group’s fellowship program. The two-year fellowship involves research and advocacy related to environmental policy issues. The job description is attached.

CAFO Culture: Visualizing Factory Farming in Virginia


Event Dates: 10/16/15-10/31/15

Virginia students and Virginia residents are invited to submit entries (Two-dimensional only: painting, prints, drawings, photographs, video, etc.) to be displayed in 1781 Jamestown Road and digital projections on the campus of College of William and Mary To learn more


Other Updates

  • We will be posting a poll about CORT training: useful for sustainable advertising, buttons etc.
  • We will also post a poll for next week’s article topic (there were lots of great ideas!)
  • We had a consensus vote of approval for Tess Mackey to come speak next week; she graduated last year and now works at Chesapeake Environmental Communications, doing cool sustainable ‘yard makeover’ projects.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Make sure to spend some time outside!

SEAC Minutes 8/31 – Welcome back!


About us:

  • We are a non-hierarchical organization, creating action.
  • Networking- great way to meet people who care about the same things you do and make connections for change -Ian
  • Consensus voting
  • We “sparkle” to signal agreement/support
Join our awesome club IRL and on Facebook:
Co-facilitators: Abby Holcombe and Ben Olinger

Our campaigns:

  • Take Back the Tap- working to end use of disposable water bottles, got grant money to install more refilling stations, has “pretty rad stickers”
  • Eco-Schools Leadership Initiative- Do you like to educate kids about the environment? We go to the local elementary schools to do fun interactive games and teach kids about environmental topics. We are also accepting people for the leadership core team. If you want to join the listserv or learn more, email me at
    • Talia Schmitt
      Thursdays at 6:30pm at Campus Center starting Sept 10!
  • Energy Justice- launching a Seize the Grid for grassroots 100% clean energy campaign this semester
  • Recycling- plans America Recycles Day, runs the Free Market
    • Lydia Francis and Rosemary McDermott
    • Wednesdays 7PM SEAC Office (Campus Center)
  • Gardening- learn to garden, connect with Williamsburg communities. GardenCorp and Permaculture Garden project
    • Ben Olinger
    • Wednesdays 5-7PM and Sundays 3-5PM, GardenCorp Tuesdays 7PM Blow 3rd Floor Lounge
  • Food Justice- improve ethics and sustainability of food in community and on campus, improve conditions for workers, reduce food waste
    • Rafael Snell-Feikema
    • Saturdays at 3PM (may be changed)
  • Restoration- started campaign to restore the Crim Dell, remove invasive species, working with HOPE to make spaces for restorative mental health
  • Solo Cup Recycling- collected over 3000 cups from frat parties last year
    • Jesse Smyth and Kara Newman

Cool things we did last year:

  • Went to the People’s Climate March- “we got to yell about good things”
  • Had fun “social gatherings”, including a GOP themed mixer
  • Graham learned that “goats are like puppies with horns”

Upcoming Social Events:

XOXO Megan, SEACretary

Big SEAC Minutes! (9/29/14)


Here are this week’s meeting minutes! Please read and respond as there are many events & opportunities coming up this week!

Go-AroundWhat is the color of your soul? *ooo magic sparkles*

Guest Speaker: Gabriel Moray & Brianna Buch from the Bike Initiative!

The W&M Bike Initiative is a very active group of staff, students, and faculty looking to create a bike friendly community at William & Mary! Established in Fall 2013, the Bike Initiative seeks to promote bicycling in three broad steps including: updating the College’s infrastructure, establishing an educational component, and launching an on-campus bike-share program. So far, they have installed fix-it stations, worked on signage and informational material (both online and print), organized several group bike rides, and are in the midst of doing research/focus groups regarding future bike friendly infrastructure (including a campus bike share program!)

The Bike Initiative is currently recruiting enthusiastic volunteers looking to make a difference for sustainable transportation on campus! The three main areas in need of volunteers are:

Marketing/advertising (Facebook, social media, twitter, events, talking to local newspapers, etc.)

Advocacy: Building a coalition of like-minded people; connecting with outside groups

Research: Need volunteers to assist with focus groups and other social science research; Committee On Sustainability grant-writing

Take a moment to Like the WM Bike Initiative Facebook page:


Highlighted opportunity: Envirothon!

Envirothon is an opportunity to get involved with a local group of high school kids aspiring to environmental greatness! These high schoolers make up team competing in Envirothon, a competition where students train, compete and are tested on various topics related to environmentalism. This year’s main topic is urban forestry (more info here:

If you’re interested in helping our local high schoolers learn about environmentalism (and hopefully win the competition), email Caroline at

The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 3:55- we’re planning on heading down to Jamestown High School to meet with them as soon as possible. Also- if anyone can drive, that would be fantastic.



–>Oaks & Acorns: last call – Fill out ASAP (by tomorrow)<– so that Madeleine & Jacob can organize! 

Kevin Kay, our treasurer, is organizing a trip to a student renewable energy conference (SSERC) at North Carolina State University (WOOHOO NORTH CAROLINA <3) and is trying to gauge how many people would want to go! If you wouldn’t mind filling out this one question Survey Monkey, he would greatly appreciate it!



Gardening: Meeting Wednesday 5 – 7:00pm, Sunday 3-6:00pm SEAC Office

Energy Justice: Meeting Sunday 7 – 8:00pm, SEAC Office

Cleanup at Surry was on Sunday; Fun times – ferry ride, solar lights, planting, potluck!

At EJ meeting: Talked about getting more awareness of the public transit program in Williamsburg, creation of new campaign Food Justice

Recycling: Meeting Wednesdays 7 – 8:00, SEAC Office

FREEMarket is starting up again soon! – lots of cleaning

Working on getting 3-7s recycled on campus

**New Campaign! Take Back the Tap**

One of our members, Hannah Dempsey, is starting a Take Back the Tap campaign through the Food and Water Watch! Interest meeting is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:00pm, James Blair 221


Another New Campaign! Food Justice

If you are really passionate about this, come forward and help start this campaign!

Will talk more about this next meeting! – come to the Energy Justice meeting this Sunday



Announcement: The votes are in and SEAC camping trip will be on October 25th! (More details to come) Might be working with the Tribe Adventure Program

Surry solar hearing – Thursday at 7:00pm, meet at Betsy’s at 6:00pm

Contact Ben with more information about this!

Bike Initiative Group Ride to Chickahominy Riverfront Park, Saturday, October 4 10:30am-2:30pm

Come join the Bicycle Initiative to ride down the scenic Virginia Capital Trail Foundation to Chickahominy Riverfront Park! There will be food (CHIPOLTLE!), games, and fun awaiting riders. Departure is 10:30 AM from the Terrace. Limit of 25 Riders.


Also, here is the Facebook event:

Contact Gabriel Moray of the Bicycle Initiative with questions!

Caring for Creation, Saturday, October 4, 2-4 at the Presbyterian Church on Richmond Road (near Sorority Court) See flyer attached to email!

This will be an educational event hosted by WesFel focused upon learning about how we can care for local wildlife. There will be a guest speaker from Wildlife Response Inc., stations focusing on Bees, Reptiles and Amphibians, Birds, and Native Wildlife, craft activities such as making splints for raptor wings, and live animals.

SEAC Office Cleanup Sunday, October 5 at noon!

Need all the help we can get getting the SEAC office ready for hosting meetings and the FREEmarket again!

Farm-to-Fork Dinner! October 8, 5:00pm – Get your tickets before they sell out!

$12 Can pay in Dining Dollars/Flex for delicious, local food!

Tabling in Sadler Center this week

Volunteers needed - work for a few hours and get free food! Talk to Michael Curcio

Also can get tickets online at

Front Porch Society Presents: Harvestfest 2014! Saturday, 3-5:00pm at the Daily Grind

To benefit Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Featuring the Stairwells and other bands, raffles, fun! Check out the event page here:

COS Science and Technology Advisory Committee is looking for students to join their Working Groups this year! Their first meeting is Wednesday, October 1 at 5:15pm in Millington 108!

The Working Groups include:

1.       Greenhouse Gas Emissions: This is an annual inventory managed by a faculty member and run by students. All the energy usage by the campus is quantified and a report is then generated. This is an ongoing group that completes the survey annually.

2.      Stormwater Management: Randy Chambers (Professor of Biology | 757-221-2331 | manages this working group. Student-run group working on quantifying the  storm water runoff produced by the campus and a report will be generated. This is an ongoing group that completes the survey annually.

3.      Climate Action Plan: This is a new group that will be responsible for developing the campus’ climate action plan!


SEAC is officially signed up to make a Homecoming Float for the Homecoming Parade on October 17! Email Michael Curcio to get in the loop to help out with this – sure to be awesome!

The Cove: Movie Screening on October 8

Damnation: Movie Screening on October 9

Tribe Adventure Program: Fall Break Backpacking to Grayson Highlands State Park!

For more information visit:…/campusrec/outdoorrec/trips/index.php

To sign up/view full itinerary: See front desk at the Rec Center!

COS Celebrates! First event: Friday, October 17th 11am-2pm Sadler Terrace

The Committee on Sustainability is organizing monthly events to promote awareness of the Committee’s Presence on campus. The first monthly event will be a celebration of International Vegetarian Month (October)! Anyone looking to get involved in this event or in future monthly COS Celebrations, contact Natalie Hurd at

Work on Solo Cup Recycling with Kara Newman

Are you a freshman looking to get involved with recycling? Kara needs someone to work with her on editing a green fee proposal! Email for more information!

BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Outreach, Surry, Homecoming Float