Energy Justice

Meeting Info

Energy Justice meetings are 7PM on Sundays in the SEAC office in the Campus Center.

Campaign Description

William and Mary’s energy campaign is a group of individuals dedicated towards the goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions and 100% clean, just, and renewable energy. Employing lobbying techniques, direct action projects, awareness campaigns, and engagement activities, the energy campaign endorses energy efficiency and renewable alternatives specifically for the purpose of igniting change in campus, local, state, and national energy policy.  This year, the energy campaign is changing gears, focusing more of its attention on lobbying local, state, and national officials to find solutions to the energy dilemma. Holding our politicians accountable for energy legislation is the only way to ensure that future energy solutions are ethical and sustainable, and we are determined to let them hear our voice. This year, the energy campaign is also focusing a great deal of its efforts on campus-wide awareness campaigns that promote better personal practices and accountability.  The energy campaign hopes that its rallies, programs, and events will inspire students and the rest of the College community to make smarter energy choices concerning consumption and use and inspire more sustainable lifestyle choices.