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SEAC Minutes 2/8/2016

Leave comments on this SA Resolution by Thursday so we can represent SEAC. Will discuss more next Monday.

The Go-Around: What would you name this dog? (It was a cute dog, it had spots)

Restoration- met with Henry Broaddus and Calandra to obtain funds
Energy Justice- working on solar panels, vending machines, and Solar Education Week
ESLI- had great after school visit! Made rice maracas and valentines hearts. ESLI has a meeting Wednesday at 3:45 in the SEAC OFFICE in campus center. We will get ready for school visit next week. Email us at with any questions
*needs cereal boxes, other recycled materials that can ESLI be turned into art
Take Back the Tap- stay posted for petition competition
Recycling- Free Market opens on Tuesday and Thursday 5-7
Bike Initiative- Saturday Feb 20 11-15 mile loop along the Colonial Parkway
Gardening- sapped sycamore trees for syrup, looking for people to make educational posters
Solo Cup Recycling- had first collection on Sunday
Quentin, Treasurer, on SEAC $$$:
-Should we move our account to a sustainable/local bank?
-Quentin will follow up with more information (esp. on credit unions) next week so we can discuss further
The SEAC Bank Account: $1,161.44. Comes from fundraisers and donations.
The SEAC SA Budget: gave us $501 for 2015-2016 school year, can only be spent on what has been budgeted for. Cannot be spent on most food, alcohol, homecoming float, politically partisan activities
Discussing the SA Resolution
-We could use this resolution as an opportunity to get more student support and visibility for SEAC and COS
-Could use this to propel bill to ban plastic water bottles in SA events
-Could propose setting aside time in SA meeting to inform them about sustainability initiatives on campus to get the word out more
-Could ask SA to send delegate to COS meeting to report back to Senate
-Stuart will represent us to Jonah in meeting on Thursday
-Campaigns will discuss their ideas for this and we will draft a report next meeting. Comment on the Google Doc.
We voted on new Outreach member(s):
-Nominees: Talia and Jessica
-We consensus voted to appoint both on Outreach
Blog for “Hark Upon The Green”!
-Past topics include: Talia’s trip to COP21, internship reflections, how to get involved in sustainability, how to use WATA, bike alliance reflections
-Would love to hear from SEAC!
-Info about new campaigns, publicity blasts, research projects, reflections
-Chance to foster culture of sustainability @ W&M
-To submit: email post to
-Posts are ~750 words
Green Goat Farm
•Goats, chickens, pigs (babies!), Great Pyrenees dogs, a donkey, ducks, a llama and more
•30 minutes outside of Williamsburg
11am-4pm on Saturdays (very flexible)
•Making and sampling organic goat soaps!
Talk to Hope for more info
Mt. Pleasant Farm
-Speakers coming next Wednesday 8PM Blow 332 to talk about sustainable farming and internships

SEAC Minutes 2/1/2016

Happy February everyone!  Here are the minutes from this week’s meeting.

The Go-Around:  What’s the best made-up word for this very mild winter (other than springter)? – minter, globalwarmingisreal, sloshy, wowzer, WINter

Some things we did…

  • Voted to let the Bike Alliance join SEAC as a new campaign (after a discussion of pros and cons).
  • Nominated some people to join Lizzie on Outreach
    • Bennett, Talia, Gracia, Jessica (who will fill in for now)
    • we will vote next week
  • Discussed Funding for Social Events

Updates/Highlights from Campaigns

  • Gardening got some radishes; they are looking for new people to join working groups.
  • Recycling would like to have the Free Market open when other campaigns are at the SEAC Office anyway.  TBTT is already on board.  Let Lydia know if your campaign is okay with this.
  • If you want to be a new leader for Solo Cup Recycling, fill out this form:  3w1-PAHCJREreM/viewform?usp=send_form
  • Anyone is welcome to join ESLI when they go to Matthew Whaley this Wednesday; if you have magazines, cereal boxes, bracelet strings or other items for reusable crafts, give them to Talia or drop them off at the SEAC Office. with any questions.

Reminder of Campaign Meeting Times (these are also available on the Google Calendar below).  Feel free to join in on any of them at any point during this semester!

  • Energy Justice- Sundays at 7PM in the SEAC Office
  • Gardening- Sundays at 3-5PM workday, and meeting Wednesdays from 8-9PM at the Meridian
  • Recycling- Wednesdays at 6:30PM in the SEAC Office
  • Restoration- Tuesdays at 8:30 on the Sadler Couches
  • Take Back the Tap- Thursdays at 5:15 in the SEAC Office
  • Eco Schools Leadership Initiative- Wednesdays at 3:45PM in the SEAC Office
  • The Bike Alliance – 7:00 on Thursdays in Miller 1091 (In the Business School)
  • SEAC Space (more of a hang out than a campaign) – Thursdays from 6-7:30PM in the SEAC Office

Announcements from around campus:

Green Fee Proposals due March 4·

Hark Upon the Green blog – taking submissions, talk to Madeleine