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Meeting Minutes, February 3 2014


Here are the minutes for this week:

GO AROUND: what did you do with your snow day? do fun snow activities, watch netflix, do homework, or just catch up on sleep?


Net Impact Meeting:Tuesday Feb. 4 at 8pm in Miller 1090…Net Impact is looking to collaborate with SEAC so come on out to this!

Mountain Justice Spring Break: there is still one spot so talk to Jamie or Scott if you want to learn about why mountain removal sucks and how you can get involved!

Committee on Sustainability: Program and educations subcommittee tomorrow (Tuesday Feb. 3) at 4pm in the Colony Room of the Sadler Center

Ops meeting this Thursday (Feb. 6) from 2-3pm at the Facilities Management building behind Marketplace…they love when students stop by so definitely consider coming by if you’re free!

If you want to learn how to be involved or have questions about things like Green Fees, check out COS’s page at or email the fabulous Sustainability Fellow Patrick Foley at for more info about proposed summer projects & plastic bag recycling project & COS Grants!

SEAC Potluck: this Saturday (Feb 3rd) from around 6-9pm at 223A Virginia Avenue (first house on the right behind the Hospitality House)

Virginia Student Power Lobby Day: next Thursday February 13th, all day event from 9am-5pm in Richmond…in case anyone is interested let us know!

Student Environmental Action Law Society (SEALS): a group on campus with cute seal shirts who want to get involved with SEAC which is awesome and will probably talk in one of our meetings; if you’re interested in careers in environmental law this is the group for you to get in contact with!


Here are our current sub-campaigns: (which have their own list-servs)

Recycling: Meets Wednesdays 8 in the SEAC office; Email to be added to the Recycling listserv! Also the free market is now open Tuesdays and Thursday 5-7.

-work on gaining extra recycling abilities

Gardening: Meets Tuesdays 5-6 and Sundays 3-5 in the Campus Garden behind the Caf/Commons dining hall; also meets on Thursdays at 7pm in the SEAC office. Email to be added to the Gardening listserv!

-removed rust and set up the garden

-tomorrow at 6pm if you’re interested campus center SEAC office to learn about gardening

Energy Justice: Meets Sundays, SEAC office 7-8pm; Email to be added to the EJ listserv!

-wrote proposal for divestment and submitted it YAY! now we await the administrative decisions…


Current Events Discussions: talking about recent events and articles in meetings which will be happening 🙂

Guest Speakers: if anyone knows some interesting speakers that could come to campus, let us know!

Former SEACers Networking: we have three confirmed alumni who maybe could talk at the SEAC retreat so again if you know anyone let’s get in contact

Oaks & Acorns: we are doing interest gauging this week, so if you are interested and weren’t in meeting, email us and let us know if you’d rather be an oak or an acorn!

Current Events Discussion (deer probz)

-tons of deer which is a problem for undergrowth in forests and for car collisions

-some possible solutions are additional hunting in suburbian areas (but this could be dangerous…) which maybe could be good as a food resource

-maybe deer traps are a solution? but we don’t want to catch children soooo

-sterilization or birth control salt licks for deer which may be more humane but also expensive and can be environmentally problematic

*email us with ideas if there is something specifically you want to talk about*

Contact info in case any of you need it:

Email Natalie & Scott for any questions, comments, or even just to say hi!

Office hours: every Monday in Blair 223 at 8-8:30

SEAC Office: back of Campus Center behind the atrium; if you need access to the SEAC room let Natalie/Scott know but remember to clean up after yourself!

Have a fabulous week y’all!!!

Rachel Cook, SEACretary 🙂