Monthly Archives: August 2011

Welcome Back, SEAC!

Here at SEAC, we can’t wait to get started on our initiatives for the new year, and to get introduced to all of the new friends the Lorax made at the Activities Fair! (Lorax was very happy to meet you all.) Our first meeting this year is on Monday, August 29th – stay tuned for the location. If you aren’t sure what SEAC is all about, check out the rest of our website. As a brief overview, we are a student organization that works on a variety of initiatives related to sustainability and environmentalism. Our four major campaigns are Biodiversity, Recycling, Energy, which tackle related on-campus issues, and the Surry Justice League, which is working against a new coal-fired power plant in Surry County. We have a lot of great opportunities to get involved in environmental issues on campus and in the local community, and always welcome new faces at our meetings. Hope to see you soon!

Sharon Hartzell, SEAC webmaster/blogmaster