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Earth Week!

From April 18th to April 23rd this year, SEAC and the Committee on Sustainability put together the very first Earth Week.

SEAC has put together a campus-wide celebration of Earth Day every year for almost a decade, and it’s a holiday we always love. It’s a chance to sit down with friends and free food, listen to music, and celebrate successes in sustainability efforts at the college and beyond. This year, thanks to a collaboration with the Committee on Sustainability, the College of Arts and Sciences, Dining Services, and Homebrew, and thanks also to the infinite dedication of our Sustainability Fellow Sarah Hanke, our Earth Day Celebration was expanded into a week-long extravaganza:
MONDAY: Campus Gardens Day
On Monday, we sent volunteers to the various Campus Gardens to weed, plant, and get them in working order for the summer growing season.
TUESDAY: Ciclovida Documentary
On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to host a bicycle-powered  documentary screening and discussion with the farmers behind Ciclovida. Ciclovida was inspired by a tour, conducted by the landless farmers Inácio de Nascimento and Ivania de Alencar through Brazil in search of natural seeds. The screening was of a movie, describing their 3000-mile journey, after which we held a Q&A with Inacio and Ivania themselves. They are currently biking up the East Coast. Check on their progress at:

WEDNESDAY: Ciclovida Workshop
On Wednesday, Ciclovida held a workshop in which they explained the roots of the landless movement in Brazil, as well as the necessity for natural seeds and self-controlled and self-sustained agriculture.
THURSDAY: Sustainability at W&M Screening
On Thursday, William and Mary’s environmentalist filmmaker-in-residence Jes Therkelsen screened his film Sustainability at W&M, which details the creation in the past few years of most of the sustainability efforts we have on campus today, especially the Green Fees program. After the screening, a panel discussion was held with the leaders of campus sustainability, including President Reveley, the chairs of the Committee on Sustainability, and our very own Lauren Edmonds, a member of both SEAC and the COS.
FRIDAY: Fresh: the Movie Screening
On Friday, SEAC hosted a screening of the film Fresh, which discusses local agriculture and the challenges it faces across the country. This film features Joel Salatin, farmer and founder of Polyface Farms, which is a Virginian farm located near Staunton, which delivers the freest of free-range meats to Williamsburg on a regular basis! Check them out:
SATURDAY: Earth Day Celebration!!!!!
As we do every year, this year we had our outdoors Earth Day celebration, featuring vegetarian food by Dining Services and music by Homebrew, and many caterers and tablers. President Reveley, in what is our favorite new tradition, read the Lorax to the crowd, and the Rock River Gypsies, a band made up of William and Mary (and SEAC!) alums, came down despite their increasing fame to perform at their seventh W&M Earth Day.

We had a great Earth Week 2011, and we hope to see you there next year!