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Big SEAC Minutes! (09/22/14)

Greetings SEAC Peeps!
Here are the minutes from tonight’s meeting — 


  • Name, Year, Occupation of your dreams:
    • professional ballerina, teaching on an island, reading Wikipedia articles, engineer, mermaid, POTUS 
  • Gardening: Wed 5-7 Sun 3-6
    • Planted carrots and things! Good times!
  • Energy Justice: Sun 7-8
    • Bike Initiative Meetings — Thursday @ 7 in Miller 1069
  • Recycling: Wed 7-8
    • Figuring out what to do for America Recycles Day
    • Recycling other plastics soon?? Hopefully
  • Take Back the Tap:
    • Meeting next Tuesday @ 8
    • Location TBD
    • Stay tuned for next week’s minutes
  • 400k people come! Biggest climate march in history! Wow! Awesome!
  • Comments about it from SEAC peeps who went:
    • Large age range! Lots of older adults as well as kiddies
    • Great posters! This quote stuck out — “respect our existence or expect our resistance”
    • Cool bee-keepers and demonstrators
    • Powerful to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who share the same passion
  • Sign up on the Google form if you want to be an oak or acorn (big or little) which has been sent out by Madeleine!
  • Please do your best to finish it by Monday, September 29th
  • Ask Madeleine ( or Jacob ( if you have any questions.
  • SEAC does Busch GardensFriday the 26th
    • WoOo0o0OO0oo0ooooo fun
    • Tickets $25 @ Candy Counter or Info Desk of the Campus Center
    • Bus leaves starting at 2pm (we will have a group that meets at 4)
    • Email Ian if you have any questions! (
  • Surry TripSunday the 28th @ noon
    • Holler at Shane ( with any questions
    • Town hall meeting Oct. 2 about the solar thing in Surry! Woo! Let’s get there early in the day to install these solar light things for them.
    • Leaving at noon
    • Who’s coming? (15)
    • Who can drive? (Kevin – 5 people, Scott – 5 people, Hannah – 5 people)
  • SEAC Tabling at Soccer Game Saturday the 28th, 7pm
    • We need people to table and talk about SEAC! Gotta raise awareness of our club.
    • COS needs volunteers too.
    • Click HERE for the volunteer sign-up.
  • The Cove and Dam Nation Screenings
    • The Cove is in Commonwealth — Oct. 8th
    • Partnering with Students for Animals for The Cove — Evil people inhumanely capture dolphins and bring them to zoos. Let’s get together and stop this.
    • Dam Nation is in Tucker (the creators will be there at the screening!) — Oct. 9th
  • Camping! 
    • We are going to send out a Doodle Poll for a weekend in October that works best tomorrow.
    • If the day works for you but the time doesn’t, don’t let that stop you! Times are negotiable.
    • If you know cool spots around the Williamsburg area for camping, let us know!
  • COS Operations Meeting — Thursday @ 2pm
    • Metering energy on campus, addressing cigarettes litter, etc.
    • Meeting in Facilities Management Building (in the big glass building behind the Campus Center)
  • COS Celebrates Working GroupWednesday at 5:30
    • Come help plan monthly environmental events and celebrations!
    • (Room TBA)
    • Email Natalie with questions (
  • Green Fee Proposals 
    • Due Oct. 5th @ 5pm (if you have a good sustainability idea you can get dollars to implement it)
    • Contact Calandra Waters-Lake (the Dean of Sustainability) ( if you have any questions
  • Hampton Roads Solar TourOct. 4th
    • Tour of all solar homes in the area
    • It’s free! So talk around with other SEAC peeps and check it out
    • Click HERE for more info

SEAC Minutes September 1st 2014: First Meeting!

Salutations SEACers!

Here’s what we did at this evening’s meeting:

What is SEAC?
We are the Student Environmental Action Coalition!  We operate through a non-hierarchical system, having two wonderful facilitators (Jacob and Madeleine — contact info at end of message).  We promote environmental activism and awareness on campus!  We are fun!
Some events that we participate in: 
— Earth Week
— The Free Market
— Campus-wide cleanups
— SEAC Retreat (we all prepare presentations to teach others about fun eco-stuff)
— Documentary screenings
Our past/current/future activism initiatives:
— Powershift (Rally in PA)
— Mountain Justice Spring Break (Branch-Out trip)
— Divestment (reaching out to school administration to divest their funds from fossil fuel companies)
— Promoting food and social justice (letter to Sodexo with concerns of efficiency/waste mitigation, usage of campus gardens)
— *UPCOMING* People’s Climate March on Sept. 21st — KEEP READING if you’re interested
Some other fun things we do:
— Oaks and Acorns (our bigs and littles system! yay)
— Cookouts (like the one this Friday — keep reading!)
— Camping
— Day trips to Surry County
SEAC’s Subcommittees:
— Recycling: Wednesday SEAC Office 7-8pm (focus: recycling on campus)
— Energy Justice: Sunday SEAC Office 7-8pm (focus: divestment issues and are starting a bicycle initiative on campus!)
— Gardening: Sunday 3-4pm; Check the doodle poll for other info: (focus: the campus gardens and composting)
— Facilitator office hours: 8-8:30 Blair 205 (contact info is at the end of this email)
— Cookout this Friday, Sept. 5th, 5-7pm @ Jamestown Field Grills (Click THIS for the Facebook event page)
— Screening of Dam Nation on Wednesday, Sept. 10th, 7-10pm in Small Hall room 230
Quick Environmental Plugs:
— Ecoambassador App due TONIGHT (see Student Happenings for more info)
— AMP Bike Smoothie tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, 4-6pm on the Terrace
— SEALS Chasing Ice documentary screening on Sept. 5th, 6:20pm @ the Williamsburg Regional Library
— AMP Movie at Matoaka of Disney Nature’s Chimpanzee on Sept. 13th
— Sign up for this fun class before the end of add/drop! ENSP 249: Campus Parks Research
People’s Climate March Info!!!
— Talk to Anne Davis for any information (
— NYC on Sunday, September 21st!
— Click THIS for a promotional video
— Interest meeting this Friday at 2:30pm (location TBD)
— Click THIS for the interest form
— People who want volunteer/ table at Sadler, click THIS
— Every hour you volunteer, you get a raffle ticket for a drawing to get your bus ticket for free/at a reduced price!!! Woo!
— Price of bus ticket to NYC = currently $10; buy them before they go up! Any question about money issues, talk to Anne.
Madeleine Boel (facilitator)
Jacob Herrin (facilitator)
Thanks for those of you who came out! See you next Monday!