SEAC Minutes 4/5/2016 – ELECTIONS

Go Around: We traded lots of beautiful complements about the people to our left.

Officer Elections – Congratulations to our new officers!!

  • Facilitators:  Ian Huber and Natalie Steinberg
  • SEACretaries:  Marie Serfis and Matthew Baker
  • Treasurer:  Erin Goodstein
  • Historians:  Abby Holcombe, Claire Seaton, Megan Embrey
  • In-Reach:  Jessica Seidenberg, Kendall King, Quentin Paleo, Bennett Mertz
  • Out-Reach:  Kyle Parker, Madeleine Boel, Stuart Jones, Sydney Scafidi
SEAC Retreat:  this Sunday at 10 AM!!

  •  Here are topics and food we have so far; feel free to sign up for anything else here or just bring whatever food you feel like bringing!
    • litter pickup – Bennett
    • SEAC History – Natalie
    • The Beatles – Abby
    • Cars – Tyler
    • Entheogens – Ben
    • Campaign Planning – Anne
    • Bird Watching – someone?
    • Madeleine – something
    • Natalie – Breakfast stuff
    • Bennett – coffee
    • Abby – chips
    • Stuart – Guacomole
    • Quentin – cookies
    • Megan – Mystery?
Other Announcements

What is Environmental Racism? SA Table TalkWednesday at 6 p.m. in Chesapeake B – Register here:

Talia is putting together a “wasteless” challenge for Earth Week.  Let her know at if you are interested.

Sodexo is hiring a few more Sustainability Dining Interns for next school year.  This is a paid opportunity – also talk to Talia if you are interested in this.
Hope everyone has a good week!
With SEAC love,
Julia Moore