SEAC Minutes 2/8/2016

Leave comments on this SA Resolution by Thursday so we can represent SEAC. Will discuss more next Monday.

The Go-Around: What would you name this dog? (It was a cute dog, it had spots)

Restoration- met with Henry Broaddus and Calandra to obtain funds
Energy Justice- working on solar panels, vending machines, and Solar Education Week
ESLI- had great after school visit! Made rice maracas and valentines hearts. ESLI has a meeting Wednesday at 3:45 in the SEAC OFFICE in campus center. We will get ready for school visit next week. Email us at with any questions
*needs cereal boxes, other recycled materials that can ESLI be turned into art
Take Back the Tap- stay posted for petition competition
Recycling- Free Market opens on Tuesday and Thursday 5-7
Bike Initiative- Saturday Feb 20 11-15 mile loop along the Colonial Parkway
Gardening- sapped sycamore trees for syrup, looking for people to make educational posters
Solo Cup Recycling- had first collection on Sunday
Quentin, Treasurer, on SEAC $$$:
-Should we move our account to a sustainable/local bank?
-Quentin will follow up with more information (esp. on credit unions) next week so we can discuss further
The SEAC Bank Account: $1,161.44. Comes from fundraisers and donations.
The SEAC SA Budget: gave us $501 for 2015-2016 school year, can only be spent on what has been budgeted for. Cannot be spent on most food, alcohol, homecoming float, politically partisan activities
Discussing the SA Resolution
-We could use this resolution as an opportunity to get more student support and visibility for SEAC and COS
-Could use this to propel bill to ban plastic water bottles in SA events
-Could propose setting aside time in SA meeting to inform them about sustainability initiatives on campus to get the word out more
-Could ask SA to send delegate to COS meeting to report back to Senate
-Stuart will represent us to Jonah in meeting on Thursday
-Campaigns will discuss their ideas for this and we will draft a report next meeting. Comment on the Google Doc.
We voted on new Outreach member(s):
-Nominees: Talia and Jessica
-We consensus voted to appoint both on Outreach
Blog for “Hark Upon The Green”!
-Past topics include: Talia’s trip to COP21, internship reflections, how to get involved in sustainability, how to use WATA, bike alliance reflections
-Would love to hear from SEAC!
-Info about new campaigns, publicity blasts, research projects, reflections
-Chance to foster culture of sustainability @ W&M
-To submit: email post to
-Posts are ~750 words
Green Goat Farm
•Goats, chickens, pigs (babies!), Great Pyrenees dogs, a donkey, ducks, a llama and more
•30 minutes outside of Williamsburg
11am-4pm on Saturdays (very flexible)
•Making and sampling organic goat soaps!
Talk to Hope for more info
Mt. Pleasant Farm
-Speakers coming next Wednesday 8PM Blow 332 to talk about sustainable farming and internships