SEAC Minutes 1/25/2016

There were many new meeting members, many returning Listserv members, many returning in-person members.

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The Go Around: What’s your favorite thing about snowy day?

  • “Snow is pretty, I guess”
  • Jumping in snow, making snowmen of snow, innovating ways to sled on snow, frolicking in snow, looking at snow, eating snow, looking at animals in snow
  • The feeling of solidarity with other snow trekkers
  • “They’re awful”


ENSP 100: Introduction to SEAC

  • Cool things we’ve done before:

o   VSEC Conference

o   Helping the Surry community

o   LDOC/Blowout/other fun activities

  • How the coalition works:

o   Non-hierarchical- everyone is equal, everyone makes decisions

o   Consensus voting via thumbs up, thumbs down, horizontal “meh” thumb, or blocking motion

  • All members have to agree to let a motion happen

o   “Sparkles”- whimsically twinkle your fingers in the air to show support/ agreement

  • “Big SEAC” meetings on Mondays at 8:30, where all of the campaigns check in, and later in the semester, we’ll have less structured Big SEAC meetings with article and issue discussions
  • How big of a time commitment is SEAC? As much as you want it to be- you can determine your level of involvement with different campaigns


ENSP 200: The Campaigns

  • Energy Justice- Sundays at 7PM in the SEAC Office

o   Goal: advance renewable energy on campus

o   Working on the Seize the Grid Campaign- goal of 100% clean energy by 2030

o   Petitions, proposals, meeting with the President’s Board of Visitors

o   Talk to Anne Davis for more info!

  • Gardening- Sundays at 3-5PM workday, and meeting Wednesdays from 8-9PM at the Meridian

o   Provides solidarity with local communities, build practical gardens and landscapes, educate, advocate

o   Current projects: Grove Community Garden, Permaculture Garden, W&M Campus Garden Education

o   Join Gardening to help out with in the next two weeks: grant-writing, garden education, building, fundraising, and seed-ordering

o   Ben Olinger would love to talk to you more about Gardening

  • Recycling- Wednesdays at 6:30PM in the SEAC Office

o   Operates the Campus Free Market

  • SOLO Cup Recycling collects SOLO Cups on Sundays at 1PM

o   Talk to Kara Newman

  1. Sign up to volunteer for Solo Cup recycling! It runs from 1 pm to ~2 or 2:15 on Sundays. or write your name on the list at meeting to sign up.
  2. We’re looking for two people to join our leadership team! If you want a good opportunity to get involved in a sustainability initiative and have ideas to make the program even better, fill out this app by February 1st.
  • Restoration- Tuesdays at 8:30 on the Sadler Couches

o   Starting new bigger projects this semester, improving campus environment

o   Talk to Jesse Smyth and Carolina May

  • Take Back the Tap- Thursdays at 5:15 in the SEAC Office

o   Works with Food & Water Watch

o   Goal: institute needed infrastructural reforms (like water bottle refilling stations) in order to make campus free from disposable plastic water bottles

o   Working on Tapapalooza this semester

o   Talk to Sydney Scafidi and Kyle Parker

  • Eco Schools Leadership Initiative- Wednesdays at 3:45PM in the SEAC Office

o   Organizes and runs an after-school environmental education program for local kids

o   Talk to Talia Schmitt

  • Food Justice- Saturdays at 3PM (location TBD)
  • SEAC Space- Thursdays from 6-7:30PM in the SEAC Office

o   Destress with other earth lovers, ft. coloring books

o   Natalie Hurd would love to tell you more about it




Announcements around campus:


Calandra from the Office of Sustainability visited:

  • Green Fee Proposals due March 4
  • Leadership Openings for Spring 2016:

o   EcoAmbassadors- sustainability in curriculum and research

o   New Student Orientation

o   Student representatives for the Green Revolving Fund Committee

Climate Sweetheart Tabling: volunteer and or participate!


Student groups and Impact, an environmental are pushing for strong progress on climate in Virginia and defending the Clean Power Plan. Students can hold up a heart-shaped sign with a personalized message for why they support action on climate, and we’ll take their picture. We’ll deliver the pictures to Senator Warner during the week of Valentine’s Day!

Where: Sadler Center

When: Jan 26th and 27th from 11:00am – 3:00pm

Sign up to volunteer:

Thanks for a great first meeting, and here’s to a green spring semester!

Megan Chaplin