SEAC Minutes 11/16

SEAC Retreat is this Sunday, October 22, 9AM-3PM in the Keck Lab! We will be:

  • presenting on topics you like to your friends (like TED Talks but way cooler)

o   Already scheduled: IAN on ecology & environmentalism in the Himalayans, JESSE with reusable calendar gift bags, ABBY on The Beatles, BEN on multifunctional landscapes, LYDIA on origami, SYDNEY on Intro ENSP, BENNETT leading a litter pickup, GRAHAM on candles (jk- but it will be lit)

  • sharing & eating food, Bird Walk, helping with the gazebo

o   Volunteered so far: guacamole, chips, blueberry muffins, mac & cheese, vegan-GF friendly casserole, gummies

The Go Around: Pulp Preferences

  • Very strong opinions, pulp is evidently polarizing

Report Backs:

  • Energy Justice- got stickers, Megan Embrey is leading the making of a documentary on student opinions of energy, planned for next semester (incl. research proposal). Sundays at 7PM
  • ESLI- planned for kids to plant seeds (needs containers!) and bringing the Tribe farm truck
  • Food Justice- intending to join with Food Recovery Network to donate extra food from dining halls to people in need
  • Gardening- dug post holes, went to Waller Mill Park garden to help the Avalon Shelter, mounded mounds of soil, planning to work with COS to work on multi-use spaces with plants, have a big meeting this week about permaculture garden, installing gazebo floor on Sunday
  • Recycling- washed cool jars found on trash pickups to plant plants in on America Recycles Day, got money for America Recycles Day, Rose went to the COS working group on recycling to make campus-wide plans
  • Restoration- worked on letter to Reveley, made bamboo cups with sealant (so can hold liquid!), wrote thank-you notes to plant donors
  • Solo Cup Recycling- all vols came, no cups to be gathered
  • Take Back the Tap- cleaning lost water bottles to give out for free during tabling, visit them on the terrace for gamez, petition signing
  • Litter Pick-Up Crew reached 164lbs!


  • America Recycles Day this Saturday in the Sunken Gardens! Music, food, recycling, crafts, fun, good things
  • SEAC Office door has been fixed, campaign meetings will resume there
  • Flooring the Gazebo on Sunday, part of SEAC retreat but also starting at 10
  • SEAC Retreat on Sunday!  9AM3PM in the Keck Lab

Natalie Hurd is bringing back SEAC Space– dedicated weekly time/area to decompress with your environmentalist friends. Talk to her if you’re interested in helping get this started back up.

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