SEAC Minutes 10/19/15

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Go Around: What do you miss most about Ben?
  • Facial hair & Flannel & Facilitating
  • Knowledge of and passion for plant life
  • Way of saying “Uhhhhh”, “calming voice”
  • Informed Interjections
  • New members concur that he sounds knowledgable and worthy of being missed
  • Energy Justice- launch event on Oct 30 (see below), tabling this Friday and next week on the Terrace
  • ESLI- volunteered with the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market, teaching kiddos at Matthew Whaley about Trees on Thursday
  • Food Justice- working on the Local Week of Hunger & Homelessness Awareness, working to distribute information to students
  • Recycling- go to the Free Market 5-7 Tues/Thurs
  • Restoration- had a workday last weekend totaling 75 volunteer hours, received native plants that need planting (blueberry, sugar maples). Check out their work through the Crim Dell!
  • Solo Cup Recycling- had an ant crisis and had to throw away all cups, needs volunteers to get more cups at 1PM on Sunday, working with Williamsburg recycling to recycle cups easier and educate off-campus students on recycling
  • Take Back the Tap- great success with their petition, needs more (See link below). Complete their survey (see link on Facebook). Speaking at the Sustainability Summit on November 7 at the Mason School of Business.
  • Going to have more article discussions
  • Committee on Sustainability wants a SEAC representative to work on the planning committee for Earth Week- talk to Anne Davis or Abby Holcombe
  • We are going to discuss on Facebook signing the Oil Export Ban Letter as an organization
  • Coalition with other social justice groups is happening tonight
  • Campus Parks Research lab is doing their study on Sunday Nov 8- contact Natalie S.
Upcoming Events:
The League of Conservation Voters is having a canvassing event next Saturday, October 24 at 12PM, launching from the Green Leafe, to get environmentalist endorsed legislators elected here in VA! Contact Megan Chaplin (, 703-409-9520) if you are able to help.
Sunday 11AM Trash Pick-up’s – more info from Bennet and Jacob, see Facebook
Solo Cup Recycling needs volunteers for Sunday at 1PM.
The Seize the Grid Launch Event is Friday Oct. 30th on Crim Dell Meadow from 3-5pm! Come out for music, food, pumpkins, and learn all about the energy landscape and what we’re doing. Contact Anne Davis with questions.
SEAC Dinners Mondays at 6:30 at Sadler!