SEAC Minutes 9/7/15

Hello everyone! Here are this week’s minutes:

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The Go Around:  Name, Year, Favorite TV show

Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks and Rec, West Wing, Bones, The X-files…and many more

Report Backs

Take Back the Tap: Thursdays at 5 in the SEAC Office

had lots of new people and ideas about encouraging people to carry reusable bottles, thinking about a petition to RAs to get refilling stations in dorms, working on inventory of water fountains and filling stations in all buildings, ideas about where we could have water stations…outdoors? other indoor locations? mobile stations/coolers for sports and other events

Eco-Schools Leadership Initiative: First meeting this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the SEAC Office

Will be going to Matthew Whaley Elementary after school program once a month to do fun interactive games and teach kids about environmental topics. We are also accepting people for the leadership core team. If you want to join the listserv or learn more,

Energy Justice: Sundays 7PM in the SEAC Office Talked about Seize the Grid: grassroots campaign to have 100% clean energy by 2030, focus on solar panels for the rec in the short term, ideas for marketing: haiku about energy justice…haiku contest?? talked about intersectionality (ex: environmental issues have more impact on minority groups…this is important for us all to consider), launch will be Oct. 14, tabling this Wednesday – Friday 11-1:30 on the terrace, Sign the online petition and/or come by the terrace!


Recycling: NEW TIME Wednesdays 6:30 PM SEAC Office

this week was mostly info and overview, talked about focusing on education this semester…people are confused about recycling (it’s single stream etc), getting Free Market going soon, will be advertising lots
Gardening: Wednesdays 5-7PM and Sundays 3-5PM behind the Caf
Planning meeting: hoping to finish gazebo, perennial forest garden, standard winter annual crops, plant propagation and how to take cuttings and make new plants

GardenCorp hasn’t figured out best time to meet yet…


Restoration: this week Tuesday at 8:30 Sadler couches by swipe line, Friday on site at Crim Dell
Talked about what people want to do, lots of excitement, more help will be needed soon

email Nick Newberry @ if you want to learn more

Solo Cup Recycling: collections from fraternities will be on Sundays!
There was a sign up sheet at the meeting; email Kara Newman at if you want to learn more.

Food Justice – did not meet…email if you’re interested


In-reach Updates

  • Earth hour was successful with lots of people and fun!
  • We’re having a party this Saturday 9/12 @ 809 Lafayette: meet at 10:15 on terrace, party starts at 10:30, we won’t have solo cups so if possible bring SEAC mug (label it with your name/tie a ribbon on it), don’t bring everyone you know but a pal is okay
  • SEAC Dinners start this week!!: Tuesday 6 pm Marketplace, bring your own plates and utensils if you can
  • Oaks and Acorns sign-up NOW (make sure you are signed into your w&m email) = big/returningSEAC member, Acorns = littles…oaks might do clue week, but if you don’t want that, that’s okay)


Williamsburg International Food & Arts Festival:  September 19th, 11am – 7pm @ the School of Education
Arie is doing this as part of Literacy for Life and she wants volunteers to help with composting and recycling…you’ll get food and a tshirt! her email is

The Office of Sustainability wants to know what you would like to see happen in sustainability, invites you to learn more about this coming year, and wants you to get involved! Open to all faculty, staff, and students. Sept 9, 4-5pm, Small Hall 111.

Hi folks! There is a top notch farm about 30 minutes away from campus that is looking for general helpers! They have goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs, cats, and a bunch of other animals.The work load isn’t very hard – mostly feeding animals, doing odd jobs, and cleaning up the barn. Even if you aren’t big into mucking out stalls, just playing with the animals can be loads of fun! There will be a poppin’ mini van going over there on Saturdays from 11am-4pm. Email Hope Wright at if you’re interested!
Ever considered studying and interning in DC through W&M’s Washington Office? You can get credits and one of many environmentally-friendly internships with the support and networking pluses of the DC Office. Our capital is the center of it all for advocacy groups and federal environmental legislation/regulation, so this is a great way to get a great internship experience and enhance your perspective. DC program schedules and logistical information are included in attachments, but you can also email Josh Aurand ( and Bel Kelly-Russo ( to talk to us about our experience in DC interning at the Dept of Justice, Environment and Natural Resource Division!

Elise Orlick, a recent W&M graduate, is recruiting for the Public Interest Research Group’s fellowship program. The two-year fellowship involves research and advocacy related to environmental policy issues. The job description is attached.

CAFO Culture: Visualizing Factory Farming in Virginia


Event Dates: 10/16/15-10/31/15

Virginia students and Virginia residents are invited to submit entries (Two-dimensional only: painting, prints, drawings, photographs, video, etc.) to be displayed in 1781 Jamestown Road and digital projections on the campus of College of William and Mary To learn more


Other Updates

  • We will be posting a poll about CORT training: useful for sustainable advertising, buttons etc.
  • We will also post a poll for next week’s article topic (there were lots of great ideas!)
  • We had a consensus vote of approval for Tess Mackey to come speak next week; she graduated last year and now works at Chesapeake Environmental Communications, doing cool sustainable ‘yard makeover’ projects.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Make sure to spend some time outside!