SEAC Minutes 8/31 – Welcome back!


About us:

  • We are a non-hierarchical organization, creating action.
  • Networking- great way to meet people who care about the same things you do and make connections for change -Ian
  • Consensus voting
  • We “sparkle” to signal agreement/support
Join our awesome club IRL and on Facebook:
Co-facilitators: Abby Holcombe and Ben Olinger

Our campaigns:

  • Take Back the Tap– working to end use of disposable water bottles, got grant money to install more refilling stations, has “pretty rad stickers”
  • Eco-Schools Leadership Initiative– Do you like to educate kids about the environment? We go to the local elementary schools to do fun interactive games and teach kids about environmental topics. We are also accepting people for the leadership core team. If you want to join the listserv or learn more, email me at
    • Talia Schmitt
      Thursdays at 6:30pm at Campus Center starting Sept 10!
  • Energy Justice– launching a Seize the Grid for grassroots 100% clean energy campaign this semester
  • Recycling– plans America Recycles Day, runs the Free Market
    • Lydia Francis and Rosemary McDermott
    • Wednesdays 7PM SEAC Office (Campus Center)
  • Gardening– learn to garden, connect with Williamsburg communities. GardenCorp and Permaculture Garden project
    • Ben Olinger
    • Wednesdays 5-7PM and Sundays 3-5PM, GardenCorp Tuesdays 7PM Blow 3rd Floor Lounge
  • Food Justice– improve ethics and sustainability of food in community and on campus, improve conditions for workers, reduce food waste
    • Rafael Snell-Feikema
    • Saturdays at 3PM (may be changed)
  • Restoration– started campaign to restore the Crim Dell, remove invasive species, working with HOPE to make spaces for restorative mental health
  • Solo Cup Recycling– collected over 3000 cups from frat parties last year
    • Jesse Smyth and Kara Newman

Cool things we did last year:

  • Went to the People’s Climate March- “we got to yell about good things”
  • Had fun “social gatherings”, including a GOP themed mixer
  • Graham learned that “goats are like puppies with horns”

Upcoming Social Events:

XOXO Megan, SEACretary