Big SEAC Minutes! (09/22/14)

Greetings SEAC Peeps!
Here are the minutes from tonight’s meeting — 


  • Name, Year, Occupation of your dreams:
    • professional ballerina, teaching on an island, reading Wikipedia articles, engineer, mermaid, POTUS 
  • Gardening: Wed 5-7 Sun 3-6
    • Planted carrots and things! Good times!
  • Energy Justice: Sun 7-8
    • Bike Initiative Meetings — Thursday @ 7 in Miller 1069
  • Recycling: Wed 7-8
    • Figuring out what to do for America Recycles Day
    • Recycling other plastics soon?? Hopefully
  • Take Back the Tap:
    • Meeting next Tuesday @ 8
    • Location TBD
    • Stay tuned for next week’s minutes
  • 400k people come! Biggest climate march in history! Wow! Awesome!
  • Comments about it from SEAC peeps who went:
    • Large age range! Lots of older adults as well as kiddies
    • Great posters! This quote stuck out — “respect our existence or expect our resistance”
    • Cool bee-keepers and demonstrators
    • Powerful to be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who share the same passion
  • Sign up on the Google form if you want to be an oak or acorn (big or little) which has been sent out by Madeleine!
  • Please do your best to finish it by Monday, September 29th
  • Ask Madeleine ( or Jacob ( if you have any questions.
  • SEAC does Busch GardensFriday the 26th
    • WoOo0o0OO0oo0ooooo fun
    • Tickets $25 @ Candy Counter or Info Desk of the Campus Center
    • Bus leaves starting at 2pm (we will have a group that meets at 4)
    • Email Ian if you have any questions! (
  • Surry TripSunday the 28th @ noon
    • Holler at Shane ( with any questions
    • Town hall meeting Oct. 2 about the solar thing in Surry! Woo! Let’s get there early in the day to install these solar light things for them.
    • Leaving at noon
    • Who’s coming? (15)
    • Who can drive? (Kevin – 5 people, Scott – 5 people, Hannah – 5 people)
  • SEAC Tabling at Soccer Game Saturday the 28th, 7pm
    • We need people to table and talk about SEAC! Gotta raise awareness of our club.
    • COS needs volunteers too.
    • Click HERE for the volunteer sign-up.
  • The Cove and Dam Nation Screenings
    • The Cove is in Commonwealth — Oct. 8th
    • Partnering with Students for Animals for The Cove — Evil people inhumanely capture dolphins and bring them to zoos. Let’s get together and stop this.
    • Dam Nation is in Tucker (the creators will be there at the screening!) — Oct. 9th
  • Camping! 
    • We are going to send out a Doodle Poll for a weekend in October that works best tomorrow.
    • If the day works for you but the time doesn’t, don’t let that stop you! Times are negotiable.
    • If you know cool spots around the Williamsburg area for camping, let us know!
  • COS Operations Meeting — Thursday @ 2pm
    • Metering energy on campus, addressing cigarettes litter, etc.
    • Meeting in Facilities Management Building (in the big glass building behind the Campus Center)
  • COS Celebrates Working GroupWednesday at 5:30
    • Come help plan monthly environmental events and celebrations!
    • (Room TBA)
    • Email Natalie with questions (
  • Green Fee Proposals 
    • Due Oct. 5th @ 5pm (if you have a good sustainability idea you can get dollars to implement it)
    • Contact Calandra Waters-Lake (the Dean of Sustainability) ( if you have any questions
  • Hampton Roads Solar TourOct. 4th
    • Tour of all solar homes in the area
    • It’s free! So talk around with other SEAC peeps and check it out
    • Click HERE for more info