SEAC Minutes (09/15/2014)

**Quick PSA — check it out because this is fast approaching!**


Join Branch Out Regional on Saturday, September 20th, as we promote environmental sustainability with Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay in Richmond. We’ll be collecting stream quality data from Reedy Creek and removing invasive species in Forest Hill Park while learning about what we can do to improve the quality of the environment in Virginia. We’ll leave campus around 8 AM and be back by 4:30 PM. There will also be short pre and post trip meetings on 09/17 and 09/24 respectively. This trip is free and breakfast snacks/lunch will be provided, but it does require a $5 deposit that will be returned after the trip. Sign up at OCE’s front desk on the 3rd floor of Blow Hall, and email if you have any questions.



– Name/ Age/ Major…

– Name would you choose if forced to change yours? Yvonne, Lawrence, Starlord, Rodrigo, Map

– Edgy thing you did this weekend?  Giving roommate bronchitis, dancing to a middle school playlist (S/O to the SEAC gathering), climbed over the Governor’s wall, eating cereal with a fork



Gardening: (Wednesday 5-7, Sunday 3-6)

– Worked at the Community Garden, harvested basil and donated it to Campus Kitchens

– If the Garden peeps are late to the gatherings — just stick around and wait!

Energy Justice: (Sunday 7-8)

– Continued the campus transportation campaign

– Discussed Surry County relations! Wooo they’re getting a 1 megawatt solar farm! How awesome! EJ is going to Surry onSept. 28th to help out and eat dinner

– Continued working on the bike initiative (installing more bike racks, fixing stations, etc.); Bike Initiative is starting a Listserv! Holler at Arie ( if you want to be added.

– Biking trip! Meet at the Terrace on October 4th (1pm – 6pm) for a trip to the Chickahominy Riverfront for 25-mile round trip and a picnic! This trip involves country biking on a paved bike trail.

– Another biking trip!  Meet at the Terrace on November 1st (1pm – 4pm) for an 8-mile round trip to Conte’s Bikes and Munchies in Newtown for merchandise, demos, and food.  This trip involves city biking.

Recycling: (Wednesday 7-8)

– Didn’t meet this week because there was a screening of Food Inc. at the same time!

– Going to team up with Hannah Dempsey and her campaign to mitigate the usage of plastic water bottles on campus

Social Event from this past weekend:

– Lots of fun! Great bonding! Woo! Middle school music! Yes!

– If you went, it’d be very much appreciated if you brought a couple dollars for Michael (the host) because he paid for supplies and he just deserves dollars from you guys.



– Meeting on Thursday from 8-10 in the atrium/SEAC office of the Campus Center!

– Come at any point to paint and make signs and creative visuals, bring musical instruments for playing, and hang out to get pumped for the march! Snacks will be provided. We encourage you to bring your recycled posters, cardboard (the mail center is full of empty boxes), and other necessary craft supplies.

– Holler at Anne ( if you have any other questions.


– We decided to subsidize the PCM tickets — Woo! (45 votes for, 0 against, 0 blocks)

– $160 (for those who paid $60 for tickets) + $80 (for those with financial need) + $80 (for those on the waitlist) = maximum of $320 total spent on subsidies (44 people in favor, 1 person against, 0 blocks)

– SEAC’s version of bigs and littles!

– We will talk about this next week, but get excited!


– We will talk about this next week also, but start thinking and getting excited about this!



– Apply to be a Branch Out Alternative Spring Break Site Leader (we could do Mountain Justice again) – DUETOMORROW

– SEAC Surry trip, Sunday, Sept. 28th

– Local. Sustinable. W&M Soccer Games, Sept. 27th @ 2pm, Sept. 28th @ 7pm volunteers needed! SEAC needs to table – volunteers?

– The Cove Screening with Students for Animals, Wednesday, Oct. 8th.

– Homecoming Float app due October 1st! Who wants to help out with this?