Meeting Minutes March 10th

 GO AROUND: What did you do over spring break? Branch out trips (lots of mountain justice), watchin’ shows, just chillin at home!


Summer Community Engagement Grants: up to $2,000 to support student development as active citizens and positive social community driven change; applications due March 12 (this Wednesday): email

COS Summer Research Grants: up to $3,500 to support summer research projects, due March 19th. Email Patrick Foley ( for more info!

 SEALS (Environmental Law Groups): coming to talk about careers and whatnot next Monday during our meeting (March 17th)

 Speaker Betsy Shepard: will talk about resistance and revitalization in Surry; Wed the 26th at 8pm Tucker 222

Committee on Sustainability:

If you want to learn how to be involved or have questions about things like Green Fees, check out COS’s page at or email the fabulous Sustainability Fellow Patrick Foley at for more info about proposed summer projects & plastic bag recycling project & COS Grants!

Apply to Lead a Branch Out Trip:run alternative trips and events and are looking for site leaders…they love sustainability-themed trips so if you are interested or have an idea for a trip email byMarch 28th

-can also contact Melody Porter for more information (

Earth Week Art Competition: if you have a desire to make recycled or sustainability related art, think about entering by April 1st…if interested, email


Here are our current sub-campaigns: (which have their own list-servs)

Recycling: Meets Wednesdays 8 in the SEAC office; Email to be added to the Recycling listserv! Also the free market is open Tuesdays and Thursday 5-7.

  • -looking for free market volunteers
  • -solo cup brigade: working with frat houses to get garbage cans to recycle solo cups which is fabulous!
  • -advanced free market: garage sale for new student orientation
  • -campaign to get recyclable clear bags in recycling bins – please take pictures of recycling bins with black bags and send them to our recycling peeps (Ari is a good contact: so we understand the scope of this problem

Gardening: Meets Sundays 3-5 in the Campus Garden behind the Caf/Commons dining hall;Email to be added to the Gardening listserv!

  • -meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 in the SEAC office
  • -installing berry bushes in a couple weeks woohoo!
  • -planting more stuff soon so if you’re interested, come out Sunday because it’ll be gettin’ real.

Energy Justice: Meets Sundays, SEAC office 7-8pm; Email to be added to the EJ listserv!

  • -planned Betsy Shepard’s visit and talked about bringing speakers to campus
  • -campaigns helping to improve town of Surry to improve tourism and whatnot
  • -bike campaign to improve bike trails

Trash Pick-Ups: Sunday 2-4PM, Meet at the Grim Dell by the trails



Alum Panel: April 5th (or perhaps during the retreat), some alumni of W&M SEAC want to come talk to us about where they are and share their vast wisdom

SEAC Retreat: come together with SEACers to see/participate in presentations and other fun activities; if you have any fun ideas email us 🙂  -quasi-official date: April 13th (still up for debate)

Movie ScreeningFlow, Tapped, or River Change it’s Course (movies about water rights); we will be coordinating with the water people more and we will have more info about this soon! 

Oaks & Acorns Event: this Friday or Saturday evening we will have a meeting! email Natalie if you are an oak/acorn and let her know what food you can bring or if you can’t come

SEAC is will be changing offices next year

  • -our new office will be on the second floor of Campus Center next semester
  • -we need lots of help cleaning the space up, sorting out things we don’t need, and tagging things for movement to the new office so if you want to help out definitely get involved
  • -a googledoc will go out soon so if you can help fill this out please 🙂

*email us with ideas if there is something specifically you want to talk about*