Meeting Minutes January 27


Here are the minutes for this week:

GOAROUND:  what is your favorite craft? cooking, art, gardening, graffiti, there are so many options!


Saving the Forest and the Trees: this Wednesday the 29th at 4PM in Small Hall 110 – a talk on sustainable coal by the physics and geology department; there will be cookies at 3:30 so come on by

Branch Out Lottery: there are still some spring break trips left! The deadline is this Thursday the 30th at noon: so hop on that if you’re interested

Grasses for the Masses: come get kits to plant wild celery in the Chesapeake Bay to help re-vegetate the bay. This will be at the Glouster courthouse on Saturday February 1st from 9:30-11:30AM so if you’re interested, contact Ashley Meredith at

COS Operations Subcommittee Meeting: first OPS meeting this Thursday February 6th at 2pm at the Facilities Management Building so come on out to this!

If you want to learn how to be involved or have questions, check with our Sustainability Fellow Patrick Foley at


Here are our current sub-campaigns: (which have their own list-servs)

Recycling: Meets Wednesdays at 8 in the SEAC office; Email to be added to the Recycling listserv! Also the free market is now open Tuesdays and Thursday 5-7.


-trying to get additional plastic numbers recyclable on campus…stay tuned!

Gardening: Meets Tuesdays 5-6 and Sundays 3-5 in the Campus Garden behind the Caf/Commons dining hall; also meets on Thursdays at 7pm in the SEAC office. Email to be added to the Gardening listserv!

-if you’re interested in gardening, come talk to Ben to get information and give your input about what to grow, when to work, and what music to listen to!

-come by this week if you want to sharpen some tools heck yeah

Energy Justice: Meets Sundays, SEAC office 7-8pm; Email to be added to the EJ listserv!

-creating a proposition to be turned into the board for divestment by next Sunday!

-if you have anything you want to add, come out to the meeting for next week

Trash Pickup: this past week many alcohol bottles were picked up so abolishing the litter on and around campus!

-not a good place though so if anyone has good ideas about where to go, let us know!


Current Events Discussions: talking about recent events and articles in meetings which will be happening 🙂

Guest Speakers: if anyone knows some interesting speakers that could come to campus, let us know!

Former SEACers Networking: we have three confirmed alumni who maybe could talk at the SEAC retreat so again if you know anyone let’s get in contact

Oaks & Acorns: we will be thinking about selections next week so come out if you want to be either an oak or an acorn!

Contact info in case any of you need it:

Email Natalie & Scott for any questions, comments, or even just to say hi!

Office hours: every Monday in Blair 223 at 8-8:30

SEAC Office: back of Campus Center behind the atrium; if you need access to the SEAC room let Natalie/Scott know but remember to clean up after yourself!

Happy SEACing y’all!

Rachel Cook, SEACretary