Meeting Minutes, January 20, the first meeting of 2014!

Hey everyone!


Here are the minutes for this week:


GO AROUND:  What is your favorite mode of transportation? Train, walking, vespa???




SEACretary Elections: we need another SEACretary who takes notes every other meeting, so if anyone is interested we will be nominating people next week so come on out! If you’re interested let Natalie or Scott know before next week 🙂


FORKS: Fun group where members make dinner and eat while talking about an ethical issue on Sundays at 6pm – Held in Blow Hall 3rd floor lounge – join us!


Committee on Sustainability: If you want to learn how to be involved or have questions about things like Green Fees, check out COS’s page at or email the fabulous Sustainability Fellow Patrick Foley at for more info about proposed summer projects & plastic bag recycling project & COS Grants!




Here are our current sub-campaigns: (which have their own list-servs)


Recycling: Meets Wednesdays 7-8 in the SEAC office; Email to be added to the Recycling listserv! Also the free market is now open Tuesdays and Thursday 5-7.

-There will be some mission planning this week so come on out to the meeting!


Gardening: Meets Tuesdays 5-6 and Sundays 3-5 in the Campus Garden behind the Caf/Commons dining hall; also meets on Thursdays at 7pm in the SEAC office. Email to be added to the Gardening listserv!

-Some things are under frames for the poor cold winter plants

-Planning stages are right now, so if you want to learn or give input come out to gardening this semester as things get crazy with warm weather!


Energy Justice: Meets Sundays, SEAC office 7-8pm; Email to be added to the EJ listserv!

-Working on divestment campaign from last semester

-Virginia Student Environmental Convergence was this past weekend and some of our very own W&M members went & are planning for VA Powershift (very exciting!)


Trash pick-up: Sunday 12-3pm, meet in front of the Rec!

Current Events Discussions: talking about recent events and articles in meetings which will be happening 🙂

Guest Speakers: if anyone knows some interesting speakers that could come to campus, let us know…maybe we’ll have someone from Relayfood

Former SEACers Networking: if you know anyone who used to be in SEAC and would want to come spend time with us, let us know so we can get advice and here their stories!



Contact info in case any of you need it:

Email Natalie & Scott for any questions, comments, or even just to say hi!



Office hours: every Monday in Blair 223 at 8-8:30

SEAC Office: back of Campus Center behind the atrium; if you need access to the SEAC room let Natalie/Scott know but remember to clean up after yourself!


I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Rachel Cook, SEACretary 🙂