Meeting Minutes, November 25 2013

Howdy folks of SEAC. We met today and, on a brisk November evening, discussed the following.

Recycling: had a fun get-together on Wednesday!

Gardening:  They will meet on Sunday if anyone is interested!! Stay tuned! Ben is also interested in doing some tool sharpening, so let us know if you want to help out. Meeting time: 3-5pm Sunday in the Campus Gardens (join the listserv for details)

Energy justice: They are drafting a proposal next meeting, so if you have experience writing proposals or know about economics/investment, please join us! Sunday, 7pm in the SEAC Office


The Budget: We need to apply for our budget for the 2014-2015 school year! Please email Scott or Natalie if you have any suggestions, or you can bring them up at the meeting next Monday.

Reflections on John Passacantando and SEAC Retreat: Scott made a cool shirt for retreat. Cool. Mushroom liberation front presentation was awesome, we may want to work with the ENSP department for do some mushroom remediation research in the future. The Greenpeace speaker was awesome!


New Animal Rights club coming up next semester: Fill out the doodle poll ( to help set a time! If you’re interested email Mike at

AMP Recycled Christmas Gifts next week, Thursday December 5th


Next Semester Meeting Place:

James Blair 205, Monday’s 8:30-9:30, Office hours before the meeting (8-8:30) with Scott and Natalie


Final meeting next week!! We’ll be doing plus-minus-delta and talking about plans for next semester!!