Meeting, November 4 2013

(courtesy of our lovely and capable seacretary Rachel Cook)

Hi everyone!

Here are the minutes for this week:

GO AROUND: The most exciting class OR your WORST registration horror story.



COS Operations Subcommittee: meets this Wednesday at 2pm in the Facilities Building (behind Marketplace)

Webinar on Wind Power on College Campuses: this Thursday at 2pm; you can register online and then listen to it on your computer!

America Recycles Day! : this Saturday on the Sunken Gardens from 11-2

Event with Roosevelt Institute: November 11th (Monday) – Panel on environmental issues. There will be speakers from ENSP department, geology community, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, etc.) — pushing our meeting that day back to 9:00pm to accommodate SEAC members who wanted to go to this event!

Sustainable Business: Friday November 15th and Saturday November 16th from 9-5 in the Brinkley Commons

-SEAC Retreat: on November 16th; a chance to spend an entire day with SEAC. Starts possibly at 10am at the Keck Lab and there will be food (mm chili)! If you have more ideas, let Natalie know 🙂

AMP Sustainability Fall Speaker: November 18th at 8:00pm (which is, again, a Monday) John Passacantando (former executive director of GreenPeace) is coming to speak!! So we will be cancelling the meeting for this week (2 weeks from now)

Volunteering at Day Spring Farm: every Friday to see what farming is like or just hang out on a farm; they want students to be more involved with their farm so definitely let Julia know if you’re interested!

-Shifts for farming: leaving at 7:30am but considering adding transportation to leave around noon as well — email Julia if interested!
-About Dayspring Farm: Farm of Professor Maloney; All produce is ecologically grown; Professor wants to teach more students how to grown sustainably –> This would be a great learning experience and we would love to see more students go!

Student Environmental Educators Discussion (SEED): on November 9th at American University in D.C. so put this on your calendar and keep it in mind if you’re interested!

Business School Big Idea Challenge: choose an environmental problem and come up with an idea to work on that idea, can even get funding for your idea! This will be in November so start thinking about that!

FORKS: Fun group where members make dinner and eat while talking about an ethical issue on Sundays at 6pm – Held in Blow Hall 3rd floor lounge – join us!

Committee on Sustainability: If you want to learn how to be involved or have questions about things like Green Fees, check out COS’s page at or email the fabulous Sustainability Fellow Patrick Foley at for more info about proposed summer projects & plastic bag recycling project & COS Grants!


Here are our current sub-campaigns: (which have their own list-servs)

Recycling: Meets Wednesdays 7-8 in the SEAC office; Email to be added to the Recycling listserv! Also the free market is now open Tuesdays and Thursday 5-7.
-America Recycles Day is Nov 6 from 11-2 on the Sunken Gardens!

Gardening: Meets Sundays 3-5 in the Campus Garden behind the Caf/Commons dining hall; also meets on Thursdays at 7pm in the SEAC office. Email to be added to the Gardening listserv!
-renting super cheap plots in the gardens for the spring so let people know about this
-Movie screening on November 7th – more info to come

Energy Justice: Meets Sundays, SEAC office 7-8pm; Email to be added to the EJ listserv!
-working on divestment; meeting with Sam Jones with finances soon

Sustainability Summit Reflections: finding out where all the groups on campus stand on environmental issues & what they do
-Hannah saw some composting cones outside of Landrum so hopefully we can make that a campus wide thing!
-the lodges are going to be transformed into an ECOVILLAGE which is awesome

Other report-back from Scott and Natalie
-Nonprofit educational organization inspiring students to find creative solutions to environmental problems
Dave and Sue Oakes, Managers/Founders of the CELL program:
YouTube Video: Search: Lessons in Sustainability from Iceland <-- Watch it! IN the FUTURE... -Apply for SCA spring break programs: they save 5 spots for William & Mary students -CCAN and Sierra Club: on November 16th day long event so start thinking about this Contact info in case any of you need it: Email Natalie & Scott for any questions, comments, or even just to say hi! Natalie: Scott: Office hours: every Monday in Blair 223 at 8-8:30 SEAC Office: back of Campus Center behind the atrium; if you need access to the SEAC room let Natalie/Scott know but remember to clean up after yourself! Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 🙂