SEAC End-of-Year Meeting

Even though we’re reaching the end of the semester, SEAC has a few more great events coming up.

On Wednesday from 3-7 pm, the International Justice Mission, is holding an Alternative Gift Fair in the Sadler Center, where organizations – including SEAC – will be selling socially and environmentally friendly gifts for the holiday season.

On Satuday, SEAC is hosting eco-band Wes Swing, who will be playing on campus that afternoon. Wes Swing is a folk band currently raising funds to buy a touring van powered by biodiesel. If that isn’t enough to convince you to see the show, here’s a stop-motion music video of their song, Sleeping Moon:

Oaks and Acorns, a training program to provide mentorship to new members and improve SEAC’s retention, is getting off the ground at the start of next semester, facilitated by Jamie and Sara. New members will have the option of joining a “tree” as an acorn, paired with a mentor Oak as well as a whole family of support. We hope that Oaks and Acorns will plug new folks into the SEAC experience in a personalized way.

The Surry Campaign has seen some interesting developments in the past few weeks, with the fight against the coal plant moving from the state permitting level back to the level of local zoning following a successful lawsuit by citizens of Surry County. The Campaign will stay in touch over winter break to keep up with these developments.

We closed out the semester with a review of SEAC’s mission statement, and an open-ended discussion about the role we envision our organization having in the larger environmental movement. If you’ve been around this semester, you’ll know that this was a fitting end to a semester of philosophical questioning and organizational soul-searching. Hopefully, we will be able to implement what we learned about our organization and ourselves as we start a new semester. May the Captain be with you:

Captain Planet