SEACSPACE – An Invitation to Create

Last week, SEAC had a discussion that was both sobering and illuminating. We felt as if we were losing momentum as an organization, as if the energy to start and sustain new projects was absent, as if the spark of creative energy that keeps us innovating as activists had sputtered just a little bit. Nothing serious; we’re still active as an organization. It was just a nagging feeling that maybe we’re not active in all the ways that we could be. While talking about this problem as a group, it became apparent that there was varying interest in sitting around and discussing our direction as an organization, and that maybe big SEAC meetings weren’t the most effective place to hold such discussions. What to do?

From these questions, a new campaign, SEACSPACE, was born. From the description on the website, “SEACSPACE is a place to bring your thoughts, concerns, and ideas. All of these impulses, positive and negative, are forms of energy. By facilitating a space to talk about anything and everything, we hope to channel that energy into creative projects that might never be born if we fall too deeply into the rut of thinking that environmental issues can be sorted into five campaigns. We hope to provide an undercurrent of creative energy, new ideas, and fresh perspectives that can be applied to revitalize both our organization and the movements we represent.

SEACSPACE can be summarized as a campaign of creation. Whether you want to create visual or performance art, or to create new philosophical frameworks for exploring environmental issues, SEACSPACE is for you. Most importantly, we want to create a sense of community and support, so that our organization is as strong and capable as the people in it.”

SEACSPACE is a place to figure out those questions of “Where our organization is, and where is it headed” It’s a place to discuss ideas, and to foster new projects and campaigns. It’s a place to think about environmental activism and how we can be more effective in achieving our goals. It’s also a place to provide support for each other as activists. We’re excited to see where this campaign goes!

The SEAC office will now be open on Thursday nights from 7:00-10:00, for anyone to come and talk or create. Hope to see you there!