SEAC Mid-Semester Update

Hello, folks! Happy fall break to everyone. Here’s some of the latest news from SEAC:

-We had a contingent of SEACers attend Virginia Powershift at VA Tech. They were able to meet student activists from across the state to discuss new ideas and strategies, including the Virginia Alliance for a Cleaner Environment. This is a coalition of all the colleges in VA, and provides a way to share info between campuses. It sounds like a wonderful new initiative to increase communication between groups, and we are excited to hear more news. It was a great time, though wet and rainy!

-A petition asking the William & Mary community to oppose the coal plant in Surry County has been launched online, and has received 99 signatures as of 10/10/11! That’s in addition to paper signatures, so we’re well on our way to meeting our 400-signature goal. If you haven’t gotten a chance to sign yet, here it is:

-Campaign Meeting times have been solidified!

Food- Wed 6:30pm
Biodiversity- Tue 6pm
Recycling- Tue 9pm
Surry- Mon 7pm

-Speaking of Recycling, our annual America Recycles Day celebration will be held on November 20th this year.

This meeting also included a fabulous brainstorming session about how we can make SEAC an even more effective organization. We don’t like to spoil surprises, but food, performance art, and SEAC bonding were all mentioned – stay tuned!