Who Are We?

We are a student advocacy organization focused on working towards and promoting positive change for environmental protection and sustainability. Over the years, we’ve grown from a small group of devoted students to one of the largest organizations on campus. Now with 50-100 active members, and over 1,000 students on our listserv, we have the ability to create change in a wide variety of ways, both on campus and in our larger communities.



We meet Mondays at 8:30 in James Blair 205. W&M SEAC is a consensus-based organization; there is no “president.” Instead, two “Facilitators” lead the group discussion and help to guide students in their pursuits.

Two SEACretaries manage the listserv and send out weekly emails, and keep general tabs on the goings-on of the organization.

Our Treasurer keeps track of the organization expenditures and create the budget requests every year.

Our Inreach Chairs work to connect us to other campus organizations and the local community, finding partners and allies along the way.

Our Outreach/Publicity Coordinators help us keep in touch with the community and spread the word about our events and initiatives.

Our Historians/Blogmasters helps us keep up our web presence via websites, blogs, and other outlets. They also keep track of where SEAC has come from and what we are currently involved in so that we can have perspective from past generations of SEACers and provide perspective for future SEACers.